First-Year Students

As an incoming first-year student, you will complete a 3-credit UB Seminar or "199" in your first semester at UB.  You are encouraged to use this opportunity to explore your intellectual curiosities, as these seminars are not a requirement of or an introduction to your major. However, if you are an approved Engineering, Computer Science or Architecture student, you must complete a UB Seminar in your major (EAS 199, CSE 199 or AED 199, respectively).

You may also be ready to take one or more Pathway courses in your first semester.  Follow the steps below to become more familiar with these components of the UB Curriculum and learn how to enroll in these courses.

Step 1

Learn how to select your UB Seminar

Video explaining UB Seminar registration process

Browse the selection of these "big ideas" courses and choose one that fits both your interests and your existing course schedule. To choose your UB Seminar, go to

*Please note: If you are an accepted engineering, computer science or architecture major, you are already registered for a UB Seminar specific to your program. (Look for the 198 or 199 course number on your schedule).

Step 2

Learn how to register using HUB

Video explaining registration process

Once you have identified your top UB Seminar choices, visit and click on the HUB Student Center to view your existing class schedule and register for your UB Seminar. You will see your current list of courses, including the days, times, location, and instructor of each course.

For the best selection of UB Seminars, register immediately after your have received your class schedule from your advisor.

Step 3

Learn about and plan your Pathways

Video explaining Pathways

You may be advised to start your Pathways during your first semester, taking one or more courses toward completing your Global or Thematic Pathways. To begin planning your Pathways, go to and use the interactive Path Finder tool.