Transfer Students

As an incoming transfer, you will complete a 1-credit (198) UB Seminar in your first semester at UB.

You may also be ready to take one or more Pathway courses in your first semester. Follow the steps below to become more familiar with these components of the UB Curriculum and learn how to enroll in these courses.

Step 1

Learn how to select your UB Seminar

Video explaining UB seminar registration.

Browse the selection of UB Seminar courses and choose one that fits both your interests and your existing course schedule. To choose your UB seminar, review the listing of 1-credit UB Seminars (198).

Step 2

Learn how to register using HUB

Video explaining registration process

Once you have identified your top UB Seminar choices, visit and click on the HUB Student Center to view your existing class schedule and register. 

Step 3

Learn how to select your Pathways

Video explaining Pathways

The Pathways are a series of courses linked together by a broad topic that you choose and examine through multiple perspectives.  You will complete one Thematic and one Global Pathway.  Your transfer coursework may be applied to List 1, List 2, and List 3 in each Pathway either by direct articulation or with a transfer course that has a related UB Area (e.g., Humanities, Arts, Social Science, Language or Civilization and History). 

You may be advised to start your Pathways during your first semester, taking one or more courses toward completing your Global or Thematic Pathways. To begin planning your Pathways, go to and use the interactive Path Finder tool. 

Your Transfer Coursework May Meet UB Curriculum Requirements

Every transfer student will take a UB Seminar (198) and the UB Capstone (UBC 399)-these courses are unique to UB and will serve as the bookends to your UB Curriculum experience. Your transfer coursework may be applied to some or all of the other components of the program, based on course articulation. Using TAURUS and your transcript(s), you will be able to map your prior work to the courses that comprise the Foundation and Pathway components of the program.