Winter 2018: Open UB Seminar Courses (1-credit)

The following are approved 1-credit UB Seminar courses for Winter 2018 with open seats. Transfer students with 45 or more domestic credits will take a 1-credit UB Seminar that most closely aligns with your intended field of study.

Winter Seminar Courses

Only students with a previous UB Seminar grade of R or F are eligible to enroll in a winter UB Seminar. 

Registration Reminder

Before registering, browse all UB Seminar options and ensure you have found your final choice. After enrolling, you will be unable to make a change in your selection. 

PSY 198SEM - Empathizing with Empathy

Why do we cringe away from the pain of others? Why does it make us uncomfortable to see others uncomfortable? What motivates us to act, often against our own best interest, to help our friends, family, or strangers? For many, trying to understand and alleviate the pain of others is a way of life, but what might contribute to a behavior that, on the surface, appears to bring more pain than pleasure? This course will investigate the causes, consequences, uses, and presentation of empathy in our daily lives, with a particular emphasis on the relationship between empathy and prosocial behavior. The class will take a multi-method approach, incorporating research, literature, and media perspectives on the expression and uses of empathy. Students will be asked to evaluate examples of empathy from their daily lives and in an academic environment in an attempt to understand the causes, and potential applications, of empathy.

Section: 1
Registration Number: 10256
Instructor: Goddard,Erica Lee
Schedule: ARR -
Location: Online (Online)
Seats Available: 27