Winter 2018 UB Seminar Courses (3-credit)

The following are approved 3-credit UB Seminar courses for Winter 2018 with open seats. Incoming first-year and transfer students with less than 45 domestic credits will take a 3-credit UB Seminar. 

Winter Seminar Courses

Only students with a previous UB Seminar grade of R or F are eligible to enroll in a winter UB Seminar. 

Registration Reminder

Before registering, browse all UB Seminar options and ensure you have found your final choice. After enrolling, you will be unable to make a change in your selection. 

HIS 199SEM - Athletics & University

Section: MCD
Registration Number: 10308
Instructor: McDevitt,Patrick F
Schedule: ARR 0:00am - 0:00am
Location: Online (North Campus)
Seats Available: 25

PSC 199SEM - Making Sense of 2016 Pre Elec

Section: YOS
Registration Number: 10335
Instructor: Yoshinaka,Antoine Isao
Schedule: ARR 0:00am - 0:00am
Location: Online (Online)
Seats Available: 28