Capstone: A holistic reflection of your learning experiences—the culmination of your UB education.

Capstone (UBC 399)

The Capstone — UBC 399 — is the culminating experience of the UB Curriculum program. It is a one-credit mentored learning experience in which you will work in UBPortfolio, with the guidance and support of the instructor, to create a holistic reflective and integrative ePortfolio, weaving together your learning in college coursework and lived experiences outside of the formal classroom.

The Capstone ePortfolio

You will create your Capstone ePortfolio using the Capstone Template. This template is available to students immediately upon receiving access to UBPortfolio. You can begin to select coursework samples and archive your work in your Capstone ePortfolio as you proceed through the UB Curriculum.

The Capstone ePortfolio is Reflective

You will review your UB Curriculum coursework and critically reflect on your learning in each course. During this reflective process, you will select one coursework sample (artifact) from each course to display in your portfolio. You will also compose a brief criteria statement in which you describe the purpose for including the coursework sample and describe how it demonstrates your learning in that course. You will complete a parallel process with out of classroom learning experiences.

The Capstone ePortfolio is Integrative

You will make connections across the courses you have taken and will connect classroom learning experiences with lived experiences, such as co-curricular activities and your own everyday life. Further, you will work to integrate the knowledge, skills and experiences in your Pathways into a meaningful, cross-disciplinary body of knowledge through completion of two integrative essays, one for the Thematic Pathway and one for the Global Pathway. These essays will be included in your final ePortfolio.

Enrolling in UBC 399

You can register for UBC 399 as soon as you have either completed or are registered for all other UB Curriculum requirements. Make sure that you have used the Path Finder Tool to select and save your Pathway courses to HUB.  You can check your status with regard to the UB Curriculum requirements in your HUB Student Center. As soon as you are eligible for the Capstone, you will see your Milestones noted like those in the image to the right. Check the details to see in which upcoming semester you can enroll in the Capstone. If you believe your Milestones are incorrect, please contact the UB Curriculum office at