Graduates, your journey as a learner never truly ends. If we have prepared you well in your UB education, you will continue to seek answers about your field throughout your career. And you will continue to seek a deeper understanding of the world throughout your life.
UB has always leveraged our intellect and our creativity for a larger purpose—and we will continue to apply our knowledge, and our innovations, for the public good.
Your UB education—truly, the entire scope of your UB experience—has elevated your consciousness about the world around you.
We have never been content to stand still. And this magnificent new building in the heart of the Buffalo medical corridor symbolizes our pursuit of enduring excellence.
By coming together as a community of staff, students, faculty, alumni, UB friends and community partners, we gather the momentum to act upon our boldest and brightest ideas. To lead the way in public higher education and to better the world around us.
As a UB graduate, what you have learned and discovered here—and what you will do with this knowledge—has tremendous significance for the communities that you are part of.
Building on our strong foundation, we never stop reaching toward the horizon.
Greetings! It is my great honor to take part in the annual Convocation celebration of this distinguished institution.
Class of 2016, as you prepare to take up the next great challenge in your lives, know that your alma mater is deeply proud of you. And we look forward to all that you will achieve and contribute in the future.
Our vision has served us well for nearly 170 years because it is both enduring and evolving.
Today we celebrate your achievements, and your future. As graduates, you take with you a considerable body of knowledge accumulated through countless hours of study, debate, and research.
Together, we created a plan that not only imagined what our region could become, but created a pathway to make it so.
We are a great university. But great universities don't stand still.
We need to ensure that we remain a magnet for the best global talent—and the businesses and industries they help to drive.
Our university and our community are inspired by the legacy and leadership of Arthur Eve, and we will continue to work together to build on this legacy.
As UB graduates, you are ready to take what you have learned—and how you have learned—and use it to open new doors, for yourself and for those around you.
Our students across the disciplines are developing and shaping ideas that will make a positive and lasting impact on the world.
The opportunities created through knowledge, discovery, and shared ideas are the truest path to building community.
This program is a perfect example of what is possible when our region’s educators and scientists work together to create new opportunities for our area’s students.
We are proud of the remarkable achievements and contributions of our alumni and university friends.
Scholarship support for students is one of the most effective ways to give them access to a world-class college education.
The students we educate, and the discoveries and treatments generated here, will improve the quality of life for people around the world.
This is a time of great excitement, momentum, and change. Through it all, our vision remains steadfast.
We are thrilled to host President Obama, and we applaud his leadership in championing student success and access to educational opportunity.