High Speed EZ Pass

Project Specifics:
  • Urban Simulation
  • Simulated Traffic Data
  • Existing Conditions
  • Numerous Proposed Developments
  • Public Involvement

Services Performed:

This real time simulation of the relocation of a toll barrier on the New York State Thruway is being worked on collaboratively with Rochester based Bergmann Associates. This project, sponsored by the New York Thruway Authority, will show various options for a staged implementation of the construction of wider high-speed barriers simultaneously with the deconstruction of existing toll barriers, while routing traffic accordingly until new construction is completed.

At the conclusion of this on-going project, a high fidelity real time visualization of the project was conveyed to the public to demonstrate the scope and impact the relocated/redesigned barrier would have on the surroundings, including traffic. To do this, a large-scale overview of the project study area was created, to help people familiarize themselves with the impacted locations including toll facilities, pavement, topography, vegetation and structures within 1,000 feet of the toll barrier.

Project Owner:

New York State Department of Transportation