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Medical & Scientific Visualization

The image shows the turbulent instability dynamics of large fire plumes, which have been modeled on CCR's computers using Large Eddy Simulation Techniques

Medical Visualization

Visualizing data is critical in today's data-intensive world. Here at CCR, we crunch enormous amounts of data every day, and must be able to present this data in a fashion suitable for non-scientific people to understand, as well as enable scientists to quickly and efficiently observe trends. Various disciplines take advantage of visualization in different ways, with molecular biologists interested in molecular structure and urban planners about city design. One of our goals is to facilitate visualization in multiple areas of research. With the help of computational scientists, scientific visualization specialists, and multimedia specialists, we strive to aid any research group on campus with their visualization needs.

Scientific Visualization

CCR supports various types of research including molecular structure design, protein-folding, computational chemistry and earthquake modeling to name just a few. Below are some samples of scientific research and visualization done at the center. While not every kind of research has a visual element, we try to assist users and scientists in order to facilitate different methods of inspecting their results. Visualization can be very helpful in examining molecular design, for instance, allowing researchers to see various relationships that might otherwise be difficult to observe.

Faculty are encouraged to contact CCR for additional details on these capabilities and how they might be employed to help enable your research.