Cars Sharing Main Street

Project Specifics:
  • Urban Simulation
  • Real Time Traffic Data
  • Integration of Pedestrian and LRT
  • Proposed Development
  • High Resolution Textured Buildings

Project Details:

The Center for Computational Research at the University at Buffalo, working in conjunction with DiDonato Associates, is providing city residents with a multi-faceted, interactive, real-time visualization of what activity on Main Street in downtown Buffalo would be like if vehicular traffic returns after an absence of more than 20 years. Vehicular traffic was eliminated from approximately 11 blocks of Main Street in the heart of downtown Buffalo with the creation of a light rail rapid transit system and a pedestrian mall.

Visualization staff from CCR demonstrated the Cars Sharing Main Street project for the public at an open house in the Market Arcade Film and Arts Center in downtown Buffalo.

Project Owner:

City of Buffalo