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CCR User Support

New IBM GPFS Storage in Production!

The new parallel filesystem, GPFS, is in production.  To see what this means for you and running your jobs, please view this important page

Research Facilities

CCR provides over 80 TFlops of hardware resources for general research computing at UB.  Many faculty members also house specialty equipment at CCR to capitalize on the HPC expertise of the staff and state-of-the-art data center.

Software Resources

From computational fluid dynamics to statistics to environmental modeling, CCR has an enormous array of software available for researchers.  What we don't have, we'll help you build.

Get Help
System Administrator

CCR's support staff is available to help users of all levels.  Check out our documentation on compiling your code, running jobs on the cluster, and much more!

Training Resources
High School Workshop

Workshops, graduate level courses, online presentations, and step-by-step instructions are all available to CCR users to help maximize the high performance clusters and minimize the startup effort for our users.