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Services & Consulting

CCR staff provide technical support and research assistance to UB faculty, staff, and students and their collaborators.  CCR also provides high performance computing and visualization resources for use by local business and industrial partners.  

As a part of its mission to enable research and scholarship at UB, CCR provides a wide range of consulting services in areas that include parallel computing, software engineering, scientific and medical visualization, bioinformatics, (big) data analytics, urban simulation and modeling, computer animation, and cluster management. In addition, the software engineering group have extensive experience in custom software development, including GUI and web-based interfaces. For additional information on these services or how CCR can help facilitate your research, please contact us.

CCR staff provide a wide variety of training, including maintaining extensive online documentation and hosting workshops. Topics include fundamentals of parallel computing, introduction to CCR, debugging and profiling tools, bioinformatics resources,etc. Individual and group training sessions/workshops are also available upon request.

CCR has a diverse and extensive capability in scientific, medical, and urban visualization that is available to support faculty led research projects including:
Bioinformatics resources at CCR currently provide users with access to enterprise level genomics packages and software for DNA and protein sequence analysis, database search, gene expression analysis, biological pathway analysis, statistical computing, and inferring phylogenies. In addition to access to software packages, CCR staff, who have extensive expertise in bioinformatics, provide researchers with detailed data analysis support as well as custom software design.