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Information for New User Accounts:

Accounts at CCR are awarded only for faculty based research projects. Faculty using CCR resources are expected to acknowledge CCR support in publications, include direct funds in grant proposals for projects that require significant CCR staff time or computing resources, and include a percent credit to CCR on the Sponsored Programs Approval Form. A typical percent credit is 5%, though this can be larger for grants requiring significant CCR resources.

There is no cost for UB faculty groups to use CCR resources.  However, your queue priority is based on the above criteria.  In order to receive a priority boost in your jobs, you must have a funded grant that assigned a percent credit to CCR on the approval form.  Including direct funds for hardware or staff time is highly encouraged.  Before you submit a grant, we are happy to work with you on the budget to help ensure that we can best support your project.  

Acknowledging CCR in publications and grant proposals is important because:

  1. it provides a metric by which the university can gauge the utility and impact that CCR resources (hardware, software, and personnel) have on externally funded research at UB, and
  2. provides CCR with funds to facilitate your research by allowing CCR staff to work directly on your project.

Feel free to use the information in the CCR Facility Description for PIs (Microsoft Word document) as reference material for your proposals.  Also, if you would like a letter of support for your proposal, please contact us

Thank you for your support!

Account Application:

Please Note:

Account requests & renewals are processed once per week on Thursdays.

  • Current Users: Are you already a CCR Affiliated faculty or PI? To add or modify accounts for your staff and students, please email ccr-help with your request and include the UB username(s) of the accounts you'd like added.
  • Non-UB Researchers: You must be affiliated with a current UB faculty or staff member or receive special permission from the CCR Director in order to receive a CCR account. Please contact CCR Help and include your contact information, a description of your research, and the reason(s) why you require access to CCR resources. Access is granted on a case-by-case basis.

All users must comply with the UB Computing Usage Policy.


Please acknowledge resources provided by CCR in publications as follows:

Support provided by the Center for Computational Research at the University at Buffalo.

New Account Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions, check out our FAQ page dedicated to account questions.

If you still need assistance, please contact CCR Help.