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CCR Help

Are you overwhelmed?  Not sure where to start?  Our dedicated staff of system administrators, computational scientists, and HPC specialists are here to help! 






Contact CCR Help:

The fastest way to receive technical assistance from our team of system administrators and computational scientists is to send an email to CCR Help (  Your email will generate a ticket in our work order system (see below) which will be seen by all CCR technical staff.  Urgent requests sent during regular business hours (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm) are often able to be handled within several hours. One of our staff members will respond within 2 business days to requests for software installations and other non-urgent matters. Our staff rotates through an on-call schedule for weekends and non-business hours to handle emergency service outages only. 

If you email a staff member directly, please keep in mind they may be out of the office, on vacation, or not on-call and may not see your request immediately.  Therefore, we highly recommend submitting a ticket through our help email address and the first available staff member will respond.  We make every effort to provide you with assistance in a timely manner.

Fill out this form to create a help request immediately:


If you have questions about a specific job, please provide us with detailed information below.  The more information you can provide us up front, the faster we can begin assessing your problem.

Location of your SLURM script
What application are you trying to run?
Please copy & paste any errors you're receiving

Request Tracker (RT) Ticket System:

CCR uses an open source help desk management software package called Request Tracker (RT). RT manages the help desk requests and documents the information in a database. Each request is given a unique number, called a "ticket" number. All correspondences are stored under that "ticket" number. When you send an email to ccr-help you will get an autoreply email back containing the ticket number your request was assigned. To answer any questions CCR technical staff ask via an email ticket or supply additional information about the issue, simply reply to the email from ccr-help.

Frequently asked questions about RT:

How can I add someone to the ticket correspondence?

"Reply" to any message received from ccr-help and add e-mail addresses in "CC:" They will also receive any further e-mail correspondences for that ticket.

How can I send a file to ccr-help?

Attach your file(s) to your e-mail correspondence for that ticket.

What if I get an e-mail that the ticket is "resolved" but I still have problems?

Reply to that ccr-help email and it will reopen the ticket.

The "resolved" email says not to reply but I want to thank the staff member for helping me. How do I find their email address?

Check out our staff listing