Journalism Certificate

The Journalism Certificate Program (JCP) is an interdisciplinary course of study that provides students with a foundation in writing and reporting for publication or broadcast, emphasizing hands-on workshops and internships designed to help students move from the educational into the professional world.  The program fosters an understanding of U.S. and global media, and of journalism ethics and integrity standards associated with the profession. Moreover, it allows students to think about the relationship of the medium to journalism, and of multiple styles of journalism, including literary journalism.  Students from the Journalism Certificate program are active in writing for and running The Spectrum, New York’s largest undergraduate student newspaper, printed three times weekly, and Generation, University at Buffalo’s literary magazine. Coursework required for the Certificate is offered by the Departments of English, Communication, and Media Study.

Students with a Journalism Certificate have gone on to internships with prestigious national magazines, including The Nation and excellent newspapers across Western New York, New York State, and the country. Such internships and their studies at UB have led to professional careers that include assistantships to Michael Moore on the set of his documentary Sicko; work for NPR stations and national broadcast TV affiliates; work for top political offices such as that of NY Governor Eliot Spitzer; and freelance careers in blogging and website development.

Journalism Certificate Program Faculty


Jody Kleinberg Biehl specializes in print and web media. In 2003, she was one of three journalists selected to create an English website for Europe’s largest news magazine, Der Spiegel. The site, based in Berlin, now attracts 2-3 million readers per month. ( Before joining Der Spiegel, Ms. Biehl worked as a European correspondent for The San Francisco Chronicle and as a free-lance correspondent for USA TODAY and the Boston Globe.  She also spent four years as a general assignment reporter for the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, a New York Times-owned paper in Northern California. She has reported from France, England, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Germany.



Dimitri Anastasopoulos, Assistant Professor in the Department of English, teaches fiction writing and contemporary American literature, including courses in New Journalism and the Non-Fiction novel. His course, 'True Stories,' explores modes and genres such as memoir, non-fiction, journal, diary, and autobiography, by examining contemporary representations of actual events. Anastasopoulos has published several journalism articles on the politics of Armenian genocide recognition, the Cyprus reunification issue, media coverage on the Iraq War resolution, etc. in local newspapers. He also teaches hybrid literature courses which, though primarily concerned with genre theory, the development of the novel in the twentieth century and the evolving properties of fictional language, also incorporate the practice of fiction writing into the course of study.

Andrew Galarneau has been a professional journalist for 20 years. He graduated from UB in 1988 with a bachelor of arts special major in journalism. At UB, he spent too much time working on Generation, the student magazine he helped start in 1984. In a sign that the universe has a sense of humor, he is now the faculty advisor for Generation. After graduating, he parlayed his student press experience into a career that began at the Concord (N.H.) Monitor, then the St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times and the Lowell (Mass.)Sun. He returned to Buffalo to work at The Buffalo News in 1997, and is a general assignment feature writer with a food column and a sideline in cooking videos. He has won numerous journalism awards, but the one he likes to mention is the first place in arts/entertainment writing in the 2007 NY State Associated Press Association Writing Contest, for a profile of Buffalo Sabres broadcaster Rick Jeanneret. His food blog is

Jody Kleinberg Biehl, see above.

Journalism Certificate Requirements

Acceptance Criteria

  • minimum GPA of 2.5 overall
  • completion of ENG 101 and ENG 201 or equivalent courses
  • completion of ENG 193: Fundamentals of Journalism

Certificate through the Departments of English and Media Study

Requried Courses

  • DMS 105: Intro to Documentary Filmmaking
  • ENG 398 or Com 353: Ethics in Journalism
  • ENG 399: Advanced Journalism or Com 398 Journalism
  • Two Internship Courses: Choose from ENG 395/396: Writing Workshop OR ENG 496: Writing Internship
  • Electives (two courses): To be selected from the list below or in consultation with the program advisor.
    • Recommended electives:
      • New Journalism
      • Literary Journalism
      • Social Web Media (DMS)
      • Advanced Writing Non-Fiction
      • appropriate courses in English, Media Study, Communication, or subject areas useful to journalism.

Required credit hours for the certificate: 25-31, depending on UB-mandated writing courses required.

All courses are 3-credit hours unless specified.

Certificate through the Department of Communication

Required Courses

  • COM 101: Principles of Communication
  • COM 240: Survey of Mass Communication
  • COM 353: Communication Ethics
  • COM 398: Journalism
  • COM 496: Internship in Communication (two semesters; Fall and Spring)
  • Electives (two courses): to be selected from the list below or in consultation with the program advisor.

Required credit hours for the certificate: 27-33, depending on UB-mandated writing courses required.

All courses are 3-credit hours unless specified.

Current Journalism Courses

Fall 2014

Eng 193 - Fundamentals of Journalism
Andrew Galarneau
W (eve)     7:00 - 9:40
Reg. No. 21322

Eng 394 - Writing Workshop:  Writing for The Spectrum
Jody Kleinberg Biehl
Mondays  5:00 - 6:20
Reg. No. 20311

Eng 394 - Writing Workshop:  The Spectrum Photographers
Jody Kleinberg Biehl

Mondays   4:30 - 5:50
Reg. No. 18633

Eng 398 - Ethics in Journalism
Bruce Andriatch
Tuesdays (eve)  7:00 - 9:40
Reg. No. 22652

Eng 399 - Journalism:  Editing
Charles Anzalone
Thursdays (eve)   7:00 - 9:40
Reg. No. 20709

Eng 399 - Journalism:  Science Journalism
Jody Kleinberg-Biehl
T Th  11:00 - 12:20
Reg. No. 22470

Eng 399 - Journalism:  Sports Journalism
Keith McShea
Mondays (eve)  7:00 - 9:40
Reg. No.  24389

Jody Kleinberg Biehl

Clinical Assistant Professor, Director, Journalism Certificate Program

311 Clemens Hall

Phone: (716) 645-0669