Global Film

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The Global Film Minor in the Department of English offers UB undergraduates the opportunity to discover vibrant cinematic traditions and innovations from around the globe. There is no requirement that Global Film minors be English majors.

Courses in this minor will introduce students to audiovisual analysis, artistic forms, and cultural practices in a range of countries, and novel forms of cinematic storytelling. Students will gauge the impact of new and emerging technologies on contemporary cinema and explore developments in international film production, reception, exhibition, and distribution. It also provides students with a unique perspective on contemporary social and political issues, such as immigration, gender and sexuality, disability, human rights, and climate change. An understanding of global issues and exposure to different cultures through the medium of film will strengthen students’ intercultural communication competence and enhance their ability to participate in our increasingly networked world, thus facilitating the development of their careers in the international marketplace.

Our Courses



  • 213 Immigration and Film
  • 305/306 Film Analysis
  • 333 World Cinema
  • 341 Intermediate Video
  • 388 Screenwriting
  • 403/404 Advanced Documentary Production
  • 405/406 Ethnographic Film and Media
  • 409 & 410 Non Fiction Film
  • 441/442 Advanced Video Production​


  • FR 341 Topics in French Film
  • ITA 429 Italian Cinema
  • SPA 408 History of Spanish Cinema
  • SPA 435 Mexican Cinema; ITA 430 Italian Directors
  • ITA 450 Italian Middle Ages & Renaissance In Movies
  • SPA 221 Spanish Conversation through Film


  • AAS 253 Blacks in Film 1
  • AAS 254 Blacks in Film 2
  • AAS 417 Black Aesthetics
  • AS 347 The Fantastical World of Japanese Anime

Minor requirements

Two courses at the 200 level (6 credits) and four courses (12 credits) at the 300-400 level. (Students may also take one course in film production to fulfill the upper division credits.)

How Do I apply?

To apply, contact the Coordinator, Tanya Shilina-Conte at or the English Undergraduate Secretary, Nicole Lazaro at