Latest News

Congratulations to Andrew Dorkin and Amanda McLaughlin, both PhD students in English, on winning this year's Graduate Student Excellence in Teaching Awards!
Poet/activist Eli Claire and 19C British Lit scholar Patricia Matthew have been selected as Distinguished Visiting Scholars at UB for 2020/2021
We’re delighted to announce the winners of the Spring 2020 Writing Prizes  
Kristen Dykstra (UB PhD, 2002) won a PEN American Literary Award for her translation of Reina María Rodríguez's book of poetry The Winter Garden Photograph.
Professor Joseph Conte has just published his third monograph, Transnational Politics in the Post-9/11 Novel.  The book argues that the formal inventiveness of writers like DeLillo, Egggers, Pynchon, Coetzee, Pamuk and Hamid reflect the radical reorientation of global politics after 9/11.
Diane Christian has just published Occasion Poems, her second poetry collection and 8th book overall.  Get a copy today!
The Logic of Sentiment, Ken Dauber's new book about sentimentality in three 19th Century novels, was recently published by Bloomsbury.  According to one reviewer, the book "expands the reach of philosophically grounded literary criticism beyond its usual questions, authors, and objects."