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Check out this story in the Guardian (UK) about Professor Okorafor’s recent work with Marvel comics, and how she is “changing the face of sci-fi.
Professor Carrie Bramen's new book American Niceness (Harvard UP, 2017) was just released in August, and people are already taking note.  Follow these links to read reviews of the book in The New Yorker and Times Higher Education
has had two books appear in print this summer:  Cultural Translation in Ashkenaz: The Emergence of Early Yiddish Literature (Indiana University Press) and A Guide to Old Literary Yiddish (Oxford University Press).
Publication:  Right Here, Right Now: The Buffalo Anthology (Buffalo, Belt Publishing)
Publication:  agon (The Operating System)
Publication:  Illegible Wil : Coercive Spectacles of Labor in South Africa and the Diaspora (Duke University Press)
Publication:  Victorian Pain, Princeton University Press, May 1, 2017
Bruce Jackson’s 1964-67 recordings of African American work songs in a Texas prison are now the basis for a play called “The B-Side,” by NYC’s Wooster Group.
Congratulations to Bruce and Diane, who are receiving “Philanthropy” awards from the National Federation for Just Communities, as part of the “Community Leaders Awards.”