Selected Publications


This page contains a list of selected publications by our faculty authors. The representative listing is updated occasionally as forthcoming books are published.


> Christopher Mele
What is the relationship between race and space, and how do racial politics inform the organization and development of urban locales?  See more.


The Buffalo Legal Studies Research Paper Series, hosted by the Social Science Research Network (SSRN), provides an international, interdisciplinary audience for UB faculty and visiting scholars.
> Access the series on the SSRN.


> David M. Engel  
Why do Americans seem to sue at the slightest provocation? The answer may surprise you: we don’t!  See more: University of Chicago Press


Jennifer L. Gaynor
Political and interethnic ties among Sulawesi’s littorals and land-based realms of 17th-century spice trade. See more: Cornell University Press


> Samantha Barbas 
This is a story of how American law and culture struggled to define and reconcile the right of privacy and the rights of the press. See more: Stanford University Press


Irus Braverman
The book documents the emerging understanding in species conservation that all forms of wild nature may need to be managed in perpetuity.


Rebecca Redwood French (Editor), Mark A. Nathan (Editor). This book challenges the concept of Buddhism as an apolitical religion without implications for law.