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The Baldy Center for Law and Social Policy at the University at Buffalo School of Law is an endowed academic center for interdisciplinary research on law and legal institutions. The mission of The Baldy Center is to advance interdisciplinary research on law, legal institutions, and social policy. It does so by supporting research projects, conferences, workshops, fellowships, visiting scholars, speakers, grant proposals, and other promising initiatives.  

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The Baldy Center fosters and supports scholars whose work bridges disciplines and contributes to the great and growing mosaic of law and society scholarship. Events by Baldy affiliated faculty cover a broad array of topics including but not limited to human rights, courts, environmental governance, legal geography, international trade, intellectual property, social inequality, administrative regulation, state and urban government, the legal profession, family, religion, and cultural understandings of law.

We produce multimeda to expand access to research by our faculty and fellow recipients

The Baldy Center has moved online for Fall 2020. Social distancing and travel restrictions interrupted our normal dynamic, in-person talks, workshops, and conferences for the foreseeable future, but our community of scholars still are actively engaged in research and writing. We are pleased to announce three new online initiatives to bring their work to you, where ever you are.

  • 9/28/21
    The Baldy Center Blog features interdisciplinary perspectives on research and current events from interdisciplinary UB scholars whose work intersects with law, legal institutions, and social policy. New blogs are generally released twice a month during each semester.
  • 7/28/20
    The Baldy Center Podcast highlights UB faculty research and perspectives on current issues and events. We focus on UB's interdisciplinary scholars of law, legal institutions, and social policy.
  • 9/28/21
    Welcome to the Spring 2021 edition of The Baldy Center Magazine. The past academic year has been a challenging time for all of us, as we’ve adapted to virtual research, online engagement, and socially distanced lives.
  • 9/28/21
    Welcome to the Fall 2020 edition of The Baldy Center Magazine, our inaugural issue. The Baldy Center, along with many others around the world, shifted to remote work in March 2020. The months since have offered challenges to us all, as we adapt to virtual research, online engagement, and socially distanced lives. The Baldy Center's past and present fellows and grant recipients have demonstrated their resilience throughout, adapting and advancing their important research in these changing and unusual times. We invite you to learn about their cutting-edge work at the intersection of law, legal institutions, and social policy in our virtual magazine.

The Baldy Center Podcast 2020-2021

More about The Baldy Center

  • 10/7/20
    The University at Buffalo Schoool of Law, Law Linkspublished an article on The Baldy Center's multimedia initiative featuring Caroline Funk, PhD, Associate Director of The Baldy Center. "Our purpose is to find multiple ways of sharing the voice of the researchers," says Funk, who has been associated with UB since 2011. "People cognitively access information differently – they read, they listen – and we’re accessing the time and the intellectual space of people from first-year college students all the way to emeritus faculty members, in multiple disciplines. So we’re working to make sure that the scholars’ voices are heard or read."
  • 7/30/20
    The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) has named Samantha Barbas winner of its grant competition in the 2020 Public Scholars Program. The highly competitive NEH Public Scholars Program, which supports well-researched books in the humanities aimed at a broad public audience, funded only twenty-five grants totaling $1.4 million this year. Barbas currently serves as Director of The Baldy Center and Professor of Law at University at Buffalo, School of Law. The NEH grant supports the development of her new manuscript, “New York Times v. Sullivan: The Landmark Case that Shaped Politics and the Press as We Know It.” The new book will present a comprehensive history of the Supreme Court free speech case New York Times v. Sullivan (1964), which established the current legal standard of libel against public officials.
  • 9/28/21
    The Baldy Center for Law and Social Policy was established in 1978 under a bequest from Buffalo attorney Christopher Baldy. A Buffalo native, Christopher Baldy graduated from the UB Law School in 1910. During his long and successful legal career, he was an active member of the Alumni Association and a member of the University Council from 1950-59.
  • 5/21/21
    We would like to acknowledge the land on which the University at Buffalo operates, which is the territory of the Seneca Nation, a member of the Haudenosaunee/Six Nations Confederacy. This territory is covered by The Dish with One Spoon Treaty of Peace and Friendship, a pledge to peaceably share and care for the resources around the Great Lakes. It is also covered by the 1794 Treaty of Canandaigua, between the United States Government and the Six Nations Confederacy, which further affirmed Haudenosaunee land rights and sovereignty in the State of New York. Today, this region is still the home to the Haudenosaunee people, and we are grateful for the opportunity to live, work, and share ideas in this territory.
  • 10/5/16
    The University at Buffalo has three campuses: the North Campus in suburban Amherst, the South Campus on Main Street in a North Buffalo neighborhood and the growing Downtown Campus, encompassing several buildings in downtown Buffalo.
  • 1/22/16
    The Buffalo-Niagara region is a major metropolitan area with a diverse blend of communities, each with its own distinct character and all united in a rich panorama of life.
  • 12/29/20
    The Baldy Center for Law and Social Policy is located in 511 O'Brian Hall, on the North Campus of the University at Buffalo, in Buffalo, New York.