The Baldy Center has moved online. Social distancing and travel restrictions interrupted our normal dynamic, in-person talks, workshops, and conferences for the foreseeable future, but our community of scholars still are actively engaged in research and writing. We are pleased to announce three new online initiatives to bring their work to you, where ever you are.

Image courtesy of Unsplash, 2020. .

Image courtesy of Unsplash, 2020.

  • 7/28/20
    The Baldy Center podcast highlights University at Buffalo faculty research and perspectives on current events. We focus on interdisciplinary scholars of law, legal institutions, and social policy who have been associated with the Baldy Center through grants or fellowships. Season 1 of the Baldy Center podcast (Fall 2020) is streaming now, with new episodes added every two weeks.
  • 9/14/20
    The Baldy Center blog features interdisciplinary perspectives on research and current events from interdisciplinary UB scholars whose work intersects with law, legal institutions, and social policy. New blogs will be released twice a month during each academic semester. Subscribe to be informed when new blogs are posted, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for all the Baldy Center news.
  • 9/14/20
    The semi-annual magazine of the Baldy Center launches in September. Our interviews and summaries of conferences, research, and fellows’ activities will introduce you to the innovative work on critical issues performed at UB.