Purchase Order and Contract Disencumbrance Request

Departments may request to disencumber balances that won't be expended prior to fiscal year-end. This will provide a more accurate free balance on state accounts. Purchase order balances cannot be rolled over if a payment has been processed against the purchase order. The funds must be liquidated. 

On 7/22/19, Procurement Services will begin the process of liquidating all purchase order and contract encumbrances. 


  1. Complete all the fields for each purchase order or contract number. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk.
  2. If you have more than 5 requests, then you will be prompted to upload a spreadsheet. 

You will receive an email copy of your request.

Financial Management will review your request prior to completion.

Need Help Completing the Form?

Send an email to ubdocrequest@buffalo.edu.

Form Facts

Form Type: Formstack document

Requirements: Internet Browser

Updated:  May 2019

Owner: Financial Management