MyUB Student Services Transformation Project

We are implementing a student information system that will fundamentally change how student services are delivered at UB.

How will this affect my view of the portal?

  • Improved interface organization:
    • * Most utilized tools (UBMail and UBLearns) now at your fingertips.
    • * Direct access to key service providers (University Libraries, Athletics).
  • Interface design improvements:
    • * A cleaner layout that is more usable, easier to read.
  • Simplified search:
    • * A single, unified search helps you find what you need.
    • * Utilizes UB's Google search engine.
    • * Searches UB directories, building pages, events and websites, and provides convenient returns sorted by popular/useful categories

What lies ahead?

What to Expect

May 2010 Fall 2010
  • * MyUB 2.0 released with improved interface
  • * Portal re-aligned to serve three specific audiences: students, faculty and staff
  • * Content de-cluttered
  • * Domestic undergraduate applicants get access to MyUB (lite)
  • * Applicants use MyUB as gateway to the new HUB
  • * Additional administrative users get access to the HUB to support applicants
Spring 2011 Summer 2011
  • * Students, faculty and staff begin to use the HUB for student academic and financial transactions
  • * During the transition to the HUB, some legacy applications/services will still be in use in MyUB
  • * All student academic and financial records and transactional services located in the HUB

Why are we doing this?

In 2008, as part of the UB 2020 initiatives, the campus engaged in the Student Systems Assessment Project to identify ways to improve the delivery of services for students, faculty and staff. Our prototyping work using PeopleSoft's Enterprise Portal to replicate or improve existing MyUB capabilities using only delivered options was completed in November 2009. At the conclusion of our prototyping efforts, the project opted to retain our current legacy portal platform, MyUB. We intend to use information gained during prototyping to bring improvements to MyUB as part of the Student Services Transformation (SST) Project.

MyUB will serve as the access point to the new HUB for authorized undergraduate applicants, students, faculty and staff. (The HUB was initially referred to as the UB Student Information System or UBSIS.)

Some transactional services and information currently provided throughout different parts of MyUB (via pages, channels and links) will now be consolidated within the new HUB. (In addition to the consolidation, new and enhanced information and transactional services will be available via the new system.)

In preparation for these changes, we will be making adjustments to the current MyUB interface over time as outlined in the diagram above.

As with other UB 2020 initiatives, Student Services Transformation Project has outlined a plan for training and communication for the new system. More details will follow.

More Information

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