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In order to maintain the integrity and security of the office space occupied by the Division of Student Life, a policy has been developed for the distribution and collection of keys. The policy adheres to the University’s Lock and Key Policy and promotes safety, accountability, and consistency across the division.

Policy Information

  • Unit: Division of Student Life
  • Date Established: 03/08/2019
  • Date Last Updated: 11/23/22

Policy Statement

Student Life is committed to ensuring the security of personnel, office space, equipment, machines, files, supplies, and furniture. It is the policy of Student Life that keys are only issued to faculty, staff, student assistants, volunteers and paraprofessional eligible employees (where appropriate) for the purpose of conducting official University business. It is the division’s policy that, other than during normal working hours, all rooms must be locked to ensure the safety of their contents.

This policy is intended to reflect the University’s official Lock and Key Policy as it applies to Student Life. Should a discrepancy occur between the two, the university’s Lock and Key Policy takes precedent.


University Facilities

  • Maintain the university’s lock and key system, including codes, product standards and service equipment.
  • Maintain a computer-based key management system at the Customer Service department.
  • Cut and issue keys with a properly signed Lock/Key Request Form.
  • Maintain computer database of all keys, locks, and associated building and room numbers that they operate. Maintain database of all master key holders.
  • Supply various reports to administrators and key coordinators, such as which key opens what door under their control.
  • Audit high security keys are required.
  • Restore physical security in a timely manner whenever key control is compromised.

Student Life Units

Physical Keys

  • Each unit within Student Life must have a designated key coordinator who is responsible for issuing keys to faculty and staff.
  • The key coordinator is required to keep a master spreadsheet of key inventory, detailing key number, brief description of the lock each key opens, how many keys have been issued, and to whom keys have been issued with the date. When a key is returned to the unit by an employee, the spreadsheet must be updated and the date the key was returned should be recorded.
  • Spare keys must be kept in a secure location and locked up at the end of normal business hours.
  • When an employee leaves the unit, the director is responsible for verifying all keys have been returned as per the separation checklist.

Keyless Entry (Swipe Card or PIN Number)

  • A request must be submitted to the key coordinator when an employee needs shipyard access or the lock’s pin number. The same applies if swipe card access needs to be discontinued.
  • When an employee leaves the unit, the director is responsible for verifying swipe card access to the individual has been discontinued as per the separation checklist. If the door operates based on a pin number, the number must be changed.
  • The key coordinator must keep a spreadsheet consisting of employee name and the locks/rooms that he or she has swipe card/pin number access to. The list must be updated as employment changes.

Key Audit

  • Annually, Administration and Planning will verify key coordinators in each department and ask them to do an annual inventory of all keys/swipe card access under this span of control.

Key Holders

  • The key holder assumes the responsibility for the safekeeping of the key and its use. When leaving a campus area or building, ensure that all doors are secured as they were upon arrival. Protect keys against loss, theft, or unauthorized use.
  • It is the key holder’s responsibility to report lost or stolen keys immediately to the key coordinator who will then report to University Facilities and notify Administration and Planning.
  • Key holders must not duplicate, loan, or deface keys. Keys must not be used to provide unauthorized access to anyone.
  • Prior to leaving the unit, all keys must be returned to the key coordinator.


Requesting Keys

  • Submit a Lock and Key request form to University Facilities with the appropriate information, signature, and account number.
  • The key will be fabricated when authorization is approved and the unit will be notified when the order is ready for pick up at University Facilities.
  • Department level keys are to be picked up and signed for by the authorized personnel.

Lost/Stolen Keys

  • Lost/stolen keys must immediately be reported to the key coordinator who will then report the information to University Facilities and notify Administration and Planning.
  • A new key request procedure must be initiated for replacement keys.
  • If a key is stolen, the key coordinator must contact the University Police. A detailed police report must be filed explaining the circumstances of the theft.
  • A Lock and Key Request form must be submitted to the Customer Service department for the lock change and replacement keys. Each unit is responsible for the total cost of lock changes and new keys to secure areas compromised by lost/stolen keys.


For additional information, please contact:

Student Life Administration and Planning

Phone: (716) 645-2803