Advanced Manufacturing Enterprise

Enterprises that seek to become proficient in advanced manufacturing must incorporate manufacturing management tools and integrate data throughout the supply chain. This course makes participants aware of what a digitally connected enterprise is, as they learn about the operational complexity of enterprises, business process optimization and the integrated product-process-value chain. The course includes tools, technologies and techniques for aggregation and integration of data throughout the manufacturing supply chain and entire product life-cycle. This is the sixth of nine courses in the Digital Manufacturing & Design Technology series that explores the many facets of manufacturing’s “Fourth Revolution,” commonly known as Industry 4.0.

Course Duration: Approximately 17 hours

Learning Outcomes

  • Utilize product life cycle data in efforts to facilitate design, planning, and production scheduling of goods and services  

Intended Audience

Anyone interested in how digital advances are changing the landscape and capabilities of manufacturing, from high school graduates exploring careers to operations managers and business owners hungry for an understanding of the newest manufacturing technologies




There is no charge to “audit” the course. The fee to gain complete access and the opportunity to earn a verified certificate is $49 per month.