A3 Problem Solving

Human nature typically influences people to solve problems in a vacuum. The consequential risk is devising ineffective solutions that are temporary bandages.  

The A3 approach forces engagement of all people involved in the matter at hand, requiring constant dialogue throughout the problem-solving process. This course walks learners through this “standardized storytelling” model of fostering communication and collaboration to resolve an issue. It details the steps for populating the A3 tool – an 11 x 17 sheet of paper – and subsequent facilitation of conversations.

Hours: 8

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the purpose of an A3
  • Explain the 7 elements of an A3
  • Evaluate the key tools used in A3 problem solving
  • Develop an A3

Intended Audience

Range of positions at any type of organization, from shop floor employees to executives


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