Apply to be a Peer Mentor

A peer mentor is an experienced and well-trained first-generation UB student who helps new to UB-first-generation students navigate the transition to UB or their chosen program.  Peer mentors serve as role models who demonstrate the value of fostering interconnected relationships and support their mentees towards increased engagement and participation in the university community. While establishing reciprocal and dynamic relationships with their mentees, peer mentors exemplify academic integrity, responsible decision making, and a vested interest in UB and student success. Mentors will serve as a buddy, a coach, and advocate for their mentee(s). Mentors will begin working with their student(s) over the summer during the remote Summer Bridge component of the program and throughout the entire 2023-2024 academic year. 

Primary Responsibilities

  • Participate in required mentor training sessions (approx. 3 hours in person or via zoom, there may be more training opportunities online; (4/29, 10am-1pm) in 130 Capen
  • Attend fall “Welcome (Back) Bulls  Social” in September to welcome all incoming first generation students
  • Reach out to your assigned mentees before the start of the Summer Bridge Class, the start of classes, and throughout each month; be available to your mentee via text, email, phone, or in person
  • Attend First Gen Connect monthly events with your mentee(s)
  • Participate in mentor workshops offered on a variety of leadership, wellness, and personal/professional development topics
  • Willingness to learn and utilize Navigate reporting systems
  • Estimated time commitment of the program:
    • Approximately (3) hours in mentor training (4/29, 10am-1pm)
    • Additional online training modules will be required as ongoing training
    • Approximately (4) hours a week working with mentee(s), which includes related activities–workshops, Navigate Reporting, Administrative Check-ins, and required survey/assessments at the end of the semester
    • Be enrolled in and attend ELP-450: Student Success Peer Mentoring Course (1-credit) in your Spring 24’ Semester  
  • Summer Bridge Commitment: The program starts over the summer where we offer a REMOTE 5-week long course in SOC-204 (Social Justice) for participating students  
    • Mentors may need to commit to being in an assigned class time with their students and meet with their mentee’s (1-2) times a week throughout the 5-week course
    • Check-in with program administrators once a week to give updates on students 
    • Document student engagements in Navigate System

Required Qualifications

  • Enrolled in Spring 2023 and will have sophomore, junior, or senior status in Fall 2023
  • Must have at least a 2.75 overall GPA and be in good standing at the university
  • Be in good disciplinary standing
  • First-generation college student (neither parent received a four-year degree in the United States)
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Genuine desire to help their first-generation peers succeed
  • Self-motivated with a positive attitude
  • Willing to learn and share information about the University at Buffalo community, student life and campus resources
  • First gen students at UB come from across the globe and represent a wide variety of ethnic, cultural, linguistic, socio-economic, geographical, and political perspectives–prospective mentors should embrace and celebrate this diversity
  • Interest in developing leadership and mentoring experience

Benefits for Peer Mentors

  • $15/hour (Min. 4 hours/week--Max. 10 hours/week) 
  • Workshops and training on a wide variety of UB resources that support student success–including career, professional, wellness, and leadership topics
  • Enhance your skills in coaching and guiding others
  • Opportunities to connect with a wide network of faculty and staff dedicated to the success of our first gen Bulls community
  • Stay up to date on new events and resources on campus
  • Make a difference and positively impact a first-year student’s UB experience!
  • Have the opportunity to obtain the Experiential Learning Network (ELN) Community Engagement Digital Badge
  • Have the opportunity to become a CRLA certified Peer Mentor

Peer Mentor Expectations

  • Committed to being a mentor for the ENTIRE 2023-2024 academic year, also including a 5-week period in Summer 2023
  • Proactively engage with students throughout the entire academic year and meet with them individually (In-person/Online) at least (4) times per semester
  • Thoroughly document all your engagements in the Navigate system Weekly
  • Be responsive to program administrators when contacted
  • Check-in with program administrators on a monthly basis
  • Attend and Participate in First-Generation Events 


***We are no longer accepting applications for peer mentors for the 23-24' Academic Year. Please check back in Spring 2024. 

What interests you?
What interests you?