Inductively Coupled Plasma Source with Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS)

ICP-MS is an analytical technique that enables the determination of trace elements. It is known for its wide elemental coverage, low detection limits, fast analysis times, wide analytical working range, and isotopic capabilities. The ICP/MS is equipped with an advanced H2/He collision cell technology (CCT). This instrument enables the analysis of a wide range of elements, with detection limits ranging from ppt to ppb concentrations. With the inclusion of CCT, elements that are traditionally difficult to analyze can be detected at very low levels by removal of gas-based and matrix-based polyatomic interferences through collisional retardation/differential transmission (kinetic energy discrimination). Our ICP-MS is also equipped with a 213 nm laser ablation system and an HPLC system that can be coupled with the ICP-MS.

Our group has used this instrument for many projects including:

  • The analysis of magnesium in rat brain and ear
  • The analysis of maize and arabidopsis that have been exposed to silver nanoparticles
  • Analysis of metals in birds