The RENEW Institute serves as an intellectual hub to UB scientists who pursue research and projects related to energy, environment, and water. Many RENEW researchers are focused on tackling grand challenges related to the changing climate: for example, collecting data, generating projections, and evaluating its impacts on human health and environment; creating new solutions to address water scarcity and quality issues that are exacerbated by climate change;  developing novel materials for carbon sequestration and energy storage; increasing clean energy production; and advancing new analytical techniques for measuring environmental pollutants.

If you would like to learn more about the work that is being pursued by RENEW scientists, we invite members of the campus community to explore the RENEW Faculty Talks posted here. Please note that this content is reserved for members of the UB community and is therefore access-limited to users with UBIT credentials.

Shared Instrumentation provides an overview of the laboratory equipment that is earmarked for the use of RENEW Faculty and Faculty Affiliates. Instrumentation and Research Laboratories Director Joshua Wallace can provide further information about equipment, physical space, and access.

To make sure you are alerted to RENEW-related events, opportunities, and information, we welcome you to join our mailing list and contact us at with questions and concerns.

RENEW Affiliates and Core RENEW Faculty are invited to consult with RENEW Staff to develop proposals, presentations, and papers.

Contact Database/Visualization Specialist Dr. Zia Ahmed for proposal support in the following areas of his expertise: (1) data mining, (2) geographical information systems (GIS), remote/proximal sensing, and geostatistics, (3) linear/non-linear model, mixed effect model, multivariate statistics and machine learning and (4) database management.

Environmental/Ecological Economist Dr. Michael Shelly can provide technical support for proposals that require environmental economics support.

Education and Outreach Director Dr. Lisa Vahapoglu offers support to faculty who wish to identify collaborators across UB’s decanal units and in the local/national/international community, and can assist in the development of Broader Impact Statements for proposals and program expansion efforts. 

Instrumentation and Research Laboratories Director Dr. Joshua Wallace can provide support on sample collection, preparation, and analysis for investigating the impact of chemicals on ecosystem function and human health. He is also interested in questions related to environmental justice and equity in urban and agricultural communities.