Catalyzing Conversations Speaker Nomination

The RENEW “Catalyzing Conversations” series will catalyze new cross-disciplinary research collaborations (with the speakers themselves, or among UB scientists) about energy, environment, and water and their socio-economic impacts.

In effect, the series will be collaborative with the following breakdown of tasks and responsibilities:

Department Host

Submit speaker nominations to RENEW; once approved:

  • Contact speaker with invitation; convey speaker’s dates of availability to RENEW
  • Book air and hotel and attend to the speaker’s travel arrangements
  • Handle lecture’s registration process
  • Manage the speaker’s faculty meeting schedule at UB, allocating time for RENEW and for graduate students to meet with speaker
  • Cover the cost of the speaker’s meals while in Buffalo


  • Assemble series schedule with inputs from a range of UB departments and schools
  • Arrange schedule such that there is one Catalyzing Conversation per month during the academic year
  • Utilize RENEW’s listserv to advertise each Catalyzing Conversation
  • Reimburse up to $2000 for air and hotel
  • Help identify a venue for the event, if requested
  • Order and pay for reception food and beverages (up to $1500)


Nominate a speaker for RENEW Catalyzing Conversations