About Us

The RENEW Institute is a university-wide, multidisciplinary research institute that focuses on complex energy and environmental issues, as well as the social and economic issues with which they are connected.

As a major public research university, UB is committed to addressing regional and global energy and environmental challenges through enduring scholarship and intellectual innovation.  The RENEW institute address this university mission and is dedicated to research and education on globally pressing problems in energy, environment and water.  One of the most expansive initiatives launched by UB in recent years, RENEW (Research and Education in eNergy, Environment and Water) harnesses the expertise of more than 100 faculty members across seven schools and colleges and add more than 20 new faculty and senior staff members.  

RENEW unites researchers and builds upon the strengths of faculty from seven UB schools and colleges. The goal is to create transformative change through research, education and community engagement activities. The institute’s over-arching goal is to advance Energy, Water and Environmental Sustainability as a foundation for a Regenerative Economy. The institute’s strategic planning process resulted in the creation of five interdisciplinary focus areas that leverage existing UB faculty strengths and UB facilities.  These are - Next-Generation Materials and Technologies for Energy, Environment & Water Sustainability; Freshwater Coastal Ecosystems and the Blue Economy; Sustainable Urban Environments; Environmental Exposures, Genomes and Health and Climate Change and Social-Economic Impacts.

RENEW aims to establish UB as a global leader in research and education in select areas in energy, environment and water. It is enabling and promoting interdisciplinary, innovative research and education in addition to offering outreach programs to the broader community.
Under the leadership and vision of deans and faculty from seven participating schools and colleges, RENEW fosters new collaborations and produces new ideas.
RENEW is providing technical assistance and research services to the City of Buffalo in the areas of engineering, advanced computing, geographic information services, planning, law, economics, business, and/or finance in support of the City’s 2015 Energy Plan.  RENEW accomplishes this via RENEW Fellows who are Senior Research Support Specialists.  The RENEW Fellows spend 80% of their time working at City Hall at the City of Buffalo and 20% interacting with RENEW focus areas and the faculty that comprise them.  As part of this project, RENEW will hire two Energy Fellows.
RENEW is one of the newest — and most expansive — initiatives launched by UB in recent years. Learn more how we are positioned to address some of the most challenging issues facing our region and world.
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