RENEW Recent Publications

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Kumar, A.; Mohammadi, M.M.; Zhao, Y.; Liu, Y.; Liu, J.; Thundat, T.; Swihart, M.T., (2021). Reduced Graphene Oxide-Wrapped Palladium Nanowires Coated with a Layer of Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework-8 for Hydrogen Sensing. American Chemical Society Applied Nano Materials, 4, 8081–8093.

Kumar, A.; Mohammadi, M.M.; Zhao, Y.; Liu, Y.; Liu, J.; Thundat, T.; Swihart, M.T., (2021). Facile one-pot synthesis of PdM (M = Ag, Ni, Cu, Y) nanowires for use in mixed matrix membranes for efficient hydrogen separation. Journal of Materials ChemistryA. 9, 12755–12762.

Zhu, L.; Huang, L.; Venna, S.R.; Blevins, A.K.; Ding, Y.; Hopkinson, D.P.; Swihart, M.T.; Lin, H., (2021). Scalable Polymeric Few-Nanometer Organosilica Membranes with Hydrothermal Stability for Selective Hydrogen Separation. American Chemical Society Nano15, 12119–12128.

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