Dionex Ultimate 3000 UHPLC with Thermo Q-Exactive Focus Orbitrap

The Orbitrap provides high resolution and mass accuracy for the determination of unknown compounds. Sample components are separated by UHPLC, and analytes are desolvated and ionized by an ESI source. Within the Orbitrap, ions pass through a single quadrupole, and into the Obritrap where packets of ions orbit around an electrode, and their frequency is recorded. The high-resolving power of the Orbitrap allows for the determination of the exact mass for each ion, permitting the determination of unknown compounds. Using exact mass, spectral database comparison, and commercial standards, unknowns can be proven with varying degrees of certainty. Both suspect screening and untargeted analyses are possible on the Orbitrap instrument.

Our group has used the Orbitrap for many projects including:

  • Suspect screening of pesticides in wastewater and surface water samples
  • Metabolomics of plants treated with nanoparticles
  • Suspect screening of pharmaceuticals in human urine and wastewater samples