Mandel/Thermo ICS 6000 Combustion Ion Chromatography

Mandel/Thermo ICS 6000 Combustion Ion Chromatography.

Sample preparation is a time-consuming, challenging aspect of nearly all chemical analyses. This is particularly true in complex environmental samples and engineered materials.  The newest addition to RENEW’s shared laboratory facilities, a state-of-the-art Combustion Ion Chromatography system, eliminates the need for intricate sample processing steps for the analysis of common ions.  The system utilizes a high-temperature furnace to combust and extract ions directly from samples and separates them using ion chromatography.  The system allows for rapid and sensitive determination of ions such as fluoride, chloride, bromide, nitrites and nitrates, phosphates, and sulfates.  This instrument is capable of routine detection down to low part per billion (ppb) levels and has broad applicability across research disciplines.