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Here you will find a collection of our Fitness Video On Demand classes.

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Body Bar A body bar fitness class employs a weighted bar for combined strength and cardio exercises, promoting muscle engagement and overall fitness. Movements like squats and curls enhance strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular conditioning.
Buti Yoga A Buti Yoga class fuses yoga, tribal dance, and plyometrics to create a dynamic workout. Participants engage in flowing yoga sequences while incorporating energetic movements for a cardio-intense, holistic fitness experience.
Cardio Kick A Cardio Kick class offers a high-energy workout that blends cardiovascular exercises with martial arts-inspired kicks and punches. Participants engage in dynamic movements to boost heart rate and improve both cardiovascular fitness and martial arts techniques.
Chair Yoga A Chair Yoga class adapts traditional yoga poses for seated practice, making it accessible for individuals with limited mobility or balance challenges. Participants engage in gentle stretches and mindful movements, promoting relaxation, flexibility, and overall well-being.
Circuits A Circuits class is a fast-paced workout involving a series of exercises at different stations. Participants rotate through these stations, targeting various muscle groups for a comprehensive strength and cardio workout in one session.
Mat Pilates A Mat Pilates class focuses on core strength, flexibility, and body awareness through a series of low-impact exercises performed on a mat. Participants engage in controlled movements that emphasize proper alignment and breathing, promoting overall muscle tone and posture improvement.
Power Yoga A Power Yoga class offers an intense and dynamic yoga practice that combines strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. Participants flow through vigorous poses and sequences, enhancing physical endurance and mental focus while promoting overall fitness.
Step and Sculpt A Step and Sculpt class integrates step aerobics with strength training exercises to create a comprehensive workout. Participants step up and down on an adjustable platform while incorporating weightlifting and body sculpting movements, resulting in improved cardiovascular fitness and muscle toning.
Zumba A Zumba class is a lively and rhythmic workout that blends dance and aerobic movements. Participants groove to energetic music while performing choreographed dance routines, providing a fun cardiovascular workout that enhances coordination and boosts mood.


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