Slaying Stress and Crushing Classes

Brandon Patel smiling and looking past the camera while wearing a backpack and glasses.

Published March 25, 2024

How I'm bossing the rest of the semester.

Yo, what's up, guys?

“Regular exercise has been a foundation of my self-care routine, and I've been hitting the gym several times a week to destress and recharge. ”
Brandon Patel, UB Student

So, spring break is over, and we're back in the grind at the University at Buffalo. With just six weeks standing between us and summer freedom, its crunch time, and stress levels are through the roof. The pressure is on, and effective strategies for managing stress and maintaining productivity are more important than ever.

#1. Prioritizing self-care is essential. Taking time out to chill is key, whether it's zoning out to some tunes, hitting the fitness center, or just vibing in the SU. I prioritize daily self-care, with activities like morning meditation, afternoon runs, and winding down with a book before bed. These routines sustain my energy and focus. Keeping that mental game strong is crucial for tackling the challenges ahead.

Mastering the art of time management is key to navigating the demands of the remaining weeks of classes. I've structured my studies by breaking tasks into manageable chunks and sticking to a consistent schedule. Setting realistic goals for each study session and staying organized with to-do lists and planners has helped me steadily progress on assignments and prepare well for exams. With a solid plan in place, you can hustle smarter, not harder, and still have time for the things that matter.

Students working together in a tutoring session.

UB Students working together in a tutoring session.

When it comes to finals, it's all about that squad support. I've been proactive in seeking academic support whenever necessary. Whether it's attending professors' office hours for concept clarification, joining classmates to review material, or utilizing university tutoring services, reaching out for help has significantly improved my grasp of course material and boosted my confidence. Study groups, hitting up the library together, or just bouncing ideas off each other—it's all good. Ain't no shame in asking for help when you need it.

Cardio Deck - 175 Alumni Arena.

Cardio Deck -  175 Alumni Arena

In terms of maintaining balance, I've been taking full advantage of the recreational services available on campus. Regular exercise has been a foundation of my self-care routine, and I've been hitting the gym several times a week to destress and recharge. Recreation not only promotes overall well-being but also serves as a welcomed break from academic pressures. It’s key for staying focused and keeping those good vibes flowing.

Team Handshakes.

UB Students enjoying Recess, a Recreation program.

As for summer break, it's all about making moves and living your best life. I'm excited for the chance to unwind, grow, and have fun. I've started looking into internships and travel spots, and I can't wait to make the most of my break by welcoming new experiences and catching up with family and friends. Whether you're road-tripping with the crew, or just kicking back at home, make sure you're making memories and soaking up the sunshine.

So, there you have it—a solid game plan for smashing the rest of the semester. By prioritizing self-care, mastering time management, seeking academic support, and embracing recreational activities, I feel equipped to navigate the challenges of the remainder of the semester with resilience and determination.  We're going to crush those finals and slide into summer like bosses. Let's get it!