President Biden's dwindling support: New polls reveal potential trouble for second term bid

Published November 6, 2023


The National Desk quoted Jacob Neiheisel in a story reporting that President Biden's popularity has decreased significantly among Democrats according to an ABC News/Ipsos poll, which also shows Biden's favorability with Black voters is at 49% and even lower with Hispanics, at 33%. However, Neiheisel believes it’s still too early to read too much into these poll numbers. “If you look at maybe some of Obama's polling in 2012, they don't show a substantially different picture. I mean, less bad, potentially. But they still show a much tighter race than what it actually ended up being. And so I think that there's some precedent for these types of numbers. That's not saying that if I were running Biden's campaign, I wouldn't be worried I absolutely would be. But there's steps that they can take to manage these issues,” Neiheisel said.

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