What is carbon capture? Some say it will help save the world, for others it’s a dangerous distraction

Published May 11, 2023


CNN included Holly Buck in a report on the increasing danger the planet faces as carbon pollution in the air reaches an all-time high, leaving scientists and governments desperately looking for ways to reduce carbon emissions. Buck believes the technology needed for carbon capture or removal require huge amounts of clean energy to run on, adding on to the demand as the world looks to electrify everything from cars to homes. “There’s going to be a lot of demand for this new renewable capacity. Policymakers have to be really smart about figuring out where that goes,” she states. Buck also has reservations about the transportation and storing of carbon. “The pipeline needs to be built the right way, in the right places and well monitored,” Buck says. “That, I think, is one of the major challenges. It’s addressable, but it requires really good regulation and monitoring.”

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