Kamala Harris to oppose Florida schools teaching that Black people ‘benefited’ from slavery

Published July 21, 2023


The Guardian quotes LaGarrett King in a story about Vice President Kamala Harris’ visit to Florida today to respond to the state board of education’s controversial new standards for Black history education, which include the contention that some Black people benefited from being enslaved. King said the updates to the Florida curriculum were “anti-Black.” Students of Florida, King said, will be “extremely ignorant about the history of this country. For those who are going to college, there’s going to be a lot of correction. Especially if they go outside of the state. For those who don’t go to college, they’re going to hold these inaccurate perceptions about Black people throughout their years, if they don’t get any correction.” King added: “I’m fearful because history is about identity and history helps us understand other folk. If we do not understand the complexities of those histories, that can have some damaging consequences to how we treat people in the present.”

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