Will Trump Twitter vent spur donations for Puerto Rico?

Published October 1, 2017 This content is archived.


An article in USA Today about an increase in charitable donations to Puerto Rico after President Trump targeted San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz and other officials in a Twitter tirade interviews David Schmid, associate professor of English, who said it should come as no surprise if Trump’s outburst becomes a new catalyst for giving. People "who have seen the horror in Houston and Miami unfold, and might have paid less attention to Puerto Rico, could all of a sudden feel that jolt of interest and motivation to help when Trump sparks controversy," he said. "So while Trump being the focus could take attention away from Puerto Rico, it also could spark people’s attention." The story appeared in news outlets that include Asbury Park Press, Arizona Republic, Louisville Courier-Journal, Detroit Free Press, Indianapolis Star, Des Moines Register and Guam’s Pacific Daily News.

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