UB in the News


An article on CNN quotes Deborah Waldrop about more people dying in their homes rather than a hospital.


An article in The Washington Post quotes Beata Csatho about a new study that states that Greenland is losing seven times more ice now compared to the 1990s.


Market Watch article quotes Elizabeth Bowen on how to help people who are homeless this holiday season.


A story in CityLab interviews Henry Louis Taylor about the consequences of Buffalo potentially becoming a climate refuge haven.


An article in the Los Angeles Times about volcanic activity in California quotes Marcus Bursik, who has worked extensively in the state, who said that unlie earthquakes, volcanic eruptions can drag on. 


A Reuters story about “The Irishman,” Martin Scorsese’s new film quotes pop culture expert David Schmid, associate professor of English.


The New York Times reports on epidemiologist Heather Ochs-Balcom's work which found that postmenopausal women who slept less than five hours had higher odds of osteoporosis.


Medium interviewed Ann-Marie Torregrossa on UB research that suggests people can reprogram their taste buds by trying more bitter foods. 


An article on Nature quoted Tracy K.P. Gregg about how astronomers using data from NASA’s Cassini mission have drawn the first global map of Saturn’s largest moon, Titan.


An article in the New York Times reports on the research by Dejan Stojkovic and a colleague that discusses a possible method for detecting wormholes, which, the article explains, were predicted by Einstein’s theory of general relativity but may or may not exist. 

UB faculty frequently offer expert perspectives on issues that are part of the current public discourse, including ones that may be perceived as controversial. It is our belief—and at the core of UB’s academic mission—that constructive, thoughtful dialogue fosters a better understanding of our world. Thus, we openly share these perspectives.