UB in the News


A story in CNN on the first Icelandic glacier lost to climate change interviews Jason Briner, who said a world without glaciers would threaten water supplies and potentially have devastating effects. 


New Atlas, a popular science and tech news outlet, quotes Qiaoqiang Gan, in a story about a new material that could be used to create road signs that change color when reflecting light at night. 


A story on NBC News interviewed Victor Albert about new research that sequenced the avocado genome. 


An article by The Associated Press quoted Robert Silverman on a new Oregon law meant to encourage local cities to construct denser, more affordable housing options.


An article in Popular Science quoted Lisa Butler on how self-care varies widely between individuals. 


A Vice.com story quotes David Herzberg on former vice-president and current presidential candidate Joe Biden’s plan for cannabis.


The Christian Science Monitor interviewed Nancy Nielsen about how health care policy is affecting the 2020 presidential campaign, especially Democrats. 


An article in Forbes featured Ryan McPherson on whether there’s a windfall for climate change in private equity.


The Daily Mail interviewed Ying Xu about a compound (resveratrol) in red wine which shows promise for treating anxiety and depression. 


An opinion piece on MarketWatch by James Campbell, suggests that the way seats in the House of Representative are apportioned be changed to count just citizens, not population. 

UB faculty frequently offer expert perspectives on issues that are part of the current public discourse, including ones that may be perceived as controversial. It is our belief—and at the core of UB’s academic mission—that constructive, thoughtful dialogue fosters a better understanding of our world. Thus, we openly share these perspectives.