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Mark Bartholomew tells The Christian Science Monitor Facebook should be held to the same standard as any other news organization.


The Huffington Post reviews "Polarized: Making Sense of a Divided America," a new book by James Campbell.


Sebastian Ciancio is quoted in The New York Times about the flossing debate. He says flossing can still be helpful.


James Campbell discusses Hillary Clinton's pivotal moment tonight at the DNC with ABC News.


Tamara Thornton tells The Washington Post we get interested in cursive when we feel that our morals are in a state of decline.


Arun Vishwanath explores the evolving role of WikiLeaks in Politico and says it's shifting toward playing politics.


MSN interviews Robert Silverman who says declining cities have neighborhoods where there's not enough housing to go around.


Carole Emberton was featured on CSPAN about war crimes and punishments.


James Campbell tells ABC a lot went wrong at the convention early on, so Trump had to come up big with his speech.


Politico reports on UB's Finish in 4 program and quotes A. Scott Weber on increased grad rates.