UB in the News


Scientific American interviews Dejan Stojkovic about a forthcoming study in which he and a colleague detail a test to determine whether Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy, harbors a wormhole. 


The Buffalo News reports on President Satish K. Tripathi’s State of the University Address, during which he announced that UB aspires to rank among the nation’s top 25 public research universities.


Teen Vogue quotes Jacob Neiheisel in a piece about climate change and the Green Party’s role to leverage the support of young climate activists.



NBC News quotes Nellie Drew in an article about California lawmakers who passed a bill that allows college athletes to hire agents and be paid for endorsements and the use of their image. 


Operations management researcher Natalie Simpson tells The Associated Press that people have less time than they used to for volunteer work. 


Scientific American interviewed Eva Zurek in a feature on superconductors that appears in the October edition of the magazine. 


Parade quoted Catherine Cook-Cottone, in an article on kindness yoga, which integrates emotional states into exercises.


Work and labor markets expert Erin Hatton discusses with Newsweek Uber’s response to a California bill seeking to increase benefits for gig economy workers.


MSN reports on research by UB chemistry professor Eva Zurek, which predicts 43 new forms of superhard carbon — including several thought to be harder than or about as hard as diamond.


A Slate article talked to public health researcher Lynn Kozlowski about the current spate of mysterious vaping-related illnesses.

UB faculty frequently offer expert perspectives on issues that are part of the current public discourse, including ones that may be perceived as controversial. It is our belief—and at the core of UB’s academic mission—that constructive, thoughtful dialogue fosters a better understanding of our world. Thus, we openly share these perspectives.