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Satish K. Tripathi has traveled from the Indian village of Patna to Western New York and UB. His advice? Always be willing to take some risk.


"Initially, even the companies and agencies themselves don't know the extent of the breach," says UB's Arun Vishwanath.


The key for Carly Fiorino is to spar with Donald Trump like an equal, says UB's Emily Grijalva.


UB's medical school has been renamed the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.


The $30 million gift to UB will have a huge impact on the school, community and nation, according to an editorial in the Buffalo News.


This is UB's first naming gift and brings Jacobs' and his family's total contributions to the university to more than $50 million.


According to UB's Arun Vishwanath, breaches are often worse than they initially appear, and he expects this one to be no different.


"Of course we need to accept them now, but unless the proper infrastructure is built up to help them when they arrive, this is not going to be successful," says UB's Hilary Weaver.


Joe Biden would be better off making his decision earlier than later because of closing dates, says UB's James Campbell.


The Ebola outbreak made changes like travel screening questions and proper isolation technique a nonnegotiable part of hospital life, says UB's John Sellick.

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