Media Advisory: A new and extraordinary work by Doug Fitch onstage at UB in November

Doug Fitch describes his upcoming production, "How Did We...?", as an "opera of images."

Performance will include giant ships passing in the night, digital people-surfing, a “Ballet of the Sensory Organs” and more

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Doug Fitch and UB students discuss preparations for the upcoming performance of "How Did We...?"

A colorfully-dressed dancer on a checkerboard stage set.

Images from Doug Fitch's past productions demonstrate the color and whimsy of his work.

Two characters in black with a colorful puppet.

From "A Dancer’s Dream," a past production by Doug Fitch. Photo: Courtesy of Giants Are Small

A man in colorful costume leaning against a black background.

From "Petrushka," a past production by Doug Fitch. Photo: Courtesy of Giants Are Small

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Internationally renowned producer, designer, artist and choreographer Doug Fitch has been in residence at the University at Buffalo this fall working with students, staff and faculty in the Department of Theatre and Dance and Department of Music to produce a new work for theater titled  “How Did We…?

Fitch is the WBFO Visiting Professor in the UB College of Arts and Sciences.

What: Great visuals!

Best described as an “opera of images,” “How Did We…?” employs surreal mindscapes to trace the journey of a man seeking to become comfortable within himself through a process described by bizarre, colorful dream-like experiences  accompanied by live music and his own narrative.

The show features odd characters, giant ships passing in the night, digital people-surfing, a “Ballet of the Sensory Organs,” water drumming (in which drum chambers are filled with varying amounts of water to create unique sounds), a jungle of social media, high tea, dancing Tibetan Buddhist icons and much more. 

The performance will be supported with live music by composers Alfred Schnittke, David Felder, Paul Moravec, Doug Cuomo, Su Lee, Franz Schubert and Frederick Chopin performed by UB’s Slee Sinfonietta, a Balkan banda and an onstage string quintet.

Fitch’s residency also features public talks and other events.

When: Nov. 13, 14 and 15 at 7:30 p.m.

Where: Drama Theatre, Center for the Arts, UB North Campus               

Tickets: Tickets are $19.50 and can be purchased through the UB Center for the Arts ticket office at

Press arrangements: Press tickets are free through prior arrangement. Call Patricia Donovan in University Communications at 716-645-4602.

Information about Doug Fitch and his work (and visuals that suggest what this production will offer) can be found at the website of “Giants Are Small,” his celebrated out-of-the-box production company:

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