UB’s Singapore Student Association Holds Make-A-Wish fundraiser featuring memory expert Dave Farrow

Release Date: March 31, 2014 This content is archived.

Dave Farrow.

Memory expert, Dave Farrow

BUFFALO, N.Y. – The Singapore Student Association at the University at Buffalo hopes to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation while helping overburdened students study in a healthy, constructive way by sponsoring a fundraiser featuring renowned memory expert Dave Farrow from 5-9 p.m. April 1 in 112 Norton Hall on UB’s North Campus.

The charity event organized by native Singapore students attending UB will offer stressed students an alternative to the drug Adderall, which an estimated 30 percent of college students have used to enhance their ability to study.

“The Farrow method is a good alternative for students because I see how Dave uses his method to pick up new subjects and languages really fast,” says Stephanie Chiaw, UB alumnae, former officer of the Singapore Student Association and spokesperson for Farrow. “He picked up Cantonese a few years back and now he speaks Cantonese better than I do.”

Chiaw says a friend took Adderall and was unable to stay alert halfway into her exam.

“She barely passed the test,” says Chiaw.

Instead, the Singapore Student Association will present a session with Farrow, a memory expert who has been featured on the Discovery Channel, CNN, CBS and Fox News. Farrow bills himself as the current Guinness world-record holder for greatest memory.

Farrow’s memory method will show students how to memorize technical terms, definitions and speeches; how to absorb foreign languages; and significantly improve study skills, all through memory techniques.

“The greatest thing about our program is the instant gratification,” says Farrow. “You will see your results immediately. Do not underestimate what your brain can do. Once you get a hold of how the system works, memorizing becomes an easy task.”

Eighty percent of the proceeds of the Farrow presentation will go to the Make-A-Wish Metro New York Foundation. Tickets are $10 for pre-sale and $15 at the door.

To purchase tickets and for more information on the event, visit www.savemymemory.com. For more information on Farrow, visit www.davefarrow.com.

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