At UB, High School Physicists Explore Extra Dimensions

Release Date: August 17, 2009 This content is archived.


Just because you can't see the other dimensions in the universe doesn't mean they aren't there.

That's the message that will be presented this afternoon by area high school students attending the University at Buffalo's Physics and Arts Summer Institute.

The students in the UB Department of Physics program will present their works of art and science today at 4 p.m. outside of Room 245 in Fronczak Hall on UB's North (Amherst) Campus.

Great visuals! Great feature story!

Interactive displays include: a "Wonder Room" complete with optical illusions and explanations about supersymmetry, a poor man's version of a hologram, magic eye pictures and a display featuring a Carl Sagan video about how we might experience extra dimensions.

The UB Physics & Arts Summer Institute is funded by the National Science Foundation.

Press arrangements: Ellen Goldbaum in the UB Office of University Communications at 645-4605 or Doreen Wackeroth, UB associate professor of physics, onsite.

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