Palin's Speech Packs Power

UB Political Scientists Available to Comment

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Joshua Dyck says despite Sarah Palin's strong showing at the Republican National Convention, vice presidential picks rarely turn out to have an impact on the election outcome.

Political scientist James Campbell is using the 2008 presidential election as a teaching tool in the classroom.

UB political scientists are available to discuss the Republican National Convention, including last night's speech by vice presidential candadate Sarah Palin.

Josh Dyck, Ph.D. (pronounced "Dick")

Assistant Professor of Political Science


"Vice presidential picks rarely turn out to have an impact on election outcomes because people vote for the top of the ticket (see Dan Quayle 1988)," Dyck notes. "That said, the media scrutiny that Sarah Palin was put under brought into question John McCain's judgment. Last night, Sarah Palin and the entire Republican party came out swinging, partially at Barack Obama, but also at their favorite punching bag -- 'liberal East Coast media.' The strategy worked like a charm. Palin came off as a strong and confident woman and, more importantly, she energized the base of the party, which has been lukewarm to the McCain candidacy."

Franco Mattei, Ph.D. (pronounced "Mah-tay")

Associate Professor of Political Science

Phone: 716-645-8451

"Palin certainly is energizing the GOP to make it 'fired up, ready to go,' as Obama has been able to do for his own party," Mattei says. "It was a very aggressive speech but I'm not sure how it will work beyond the GOP party -- among independents, swing voters and disaffected voters."

James E. Campbell, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair of Political Science

716-645-8452 (office)

Campbell invites members of the media to attend his undergraduate political science course to hear student views on the election and how he is using the election as a classroom teaching tool. Reporters interested in attending a class, should call John DellaContrada at 716-361-3006.

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