Buffalo Residents Named to Dean's List at UB

By Sue Wuetcher

Release Date: July 11, 2007 This content is archived.


BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Buffalo residents attending the University at Buffalo have been named to the Dean's List for the spring 2007 semester for achieving a grade-point average of 3.6 or higher.

The University at Buffalo is a premier research-intensive public university, the largest and most comprehensive campus in the State University of New York. UB's more than 27,000 students pursue their academic interests through more than 300 undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programs. Founded in 1846, the University at Buffalo is a member of the Association of American Universities.

The students, arranged by zip codes:

14201: Chase Banna of North Street, Leah Baum of Mariner Street, Gregory Corbi of Allen Street, Amanda Dunker of Cottage Street, Lisa Ely of North Street, Adonis Pimienta-Penalver of Jersey Street, Michael Rausch of Whitney Place, Shaunda Wright of Seventh Street and Vanessa Davis of West Tupper Street.

14202: Raymond Beale of Marine Drive, Nicholas Hain of Rivermist Drive and Yelenis Rodriguez of Marine Drive.

14203: Sandra Roland of Oak Street.

14204: Carolyn Pilgrom of Cedar Street and Jason Robbins of Hamburg Street.

14206: Jessica Rauscher of North Meadowbrook Parkway, Christina Bettencourt of Benzinger Street, Elizabeth Czapski of Benzinger Street, Alysia Kwiatkowski of South Ogden Street, Paul Riley of Longnecker Street and Julia Szprygada of Pontiac Street.

14207: Brittany Dileo of Riverside Avenue, Steven Fischer of Hunt Avenue, Hung Van of Evelyn Street and Laura Zuchlewski of Roesch Avenue.

14209: David Ehrenreich of Linwood Avenue, Alexis Scott-Davis of Delaware Avenue, Tanjima Zinia of Summer Street and Joshua Russell of Potomac Avenue.

14210: Kevin Christy of Kamper Avenue.

14211: Miles Fonda of Crossman Avenue, Yolanda Abraham of Woeppel Street and Christine Janora of Doat Street.

14212: Anh Tran Kim of Gibson Street, Tuan Tran of Gibson Street and Nicholette Pokrywa of Milburn Street.

14213: Jason Bauers of Dorchester Road, Michael Carlo of Lafayette Avenue, Sanjay Connare of Ardmore Place, Justine Cutolo of Parkdale Avenue, Alex Korobov of Jersey Street, Long Nguyen of Brayton Street, Khristian Powell of Niagara Street, Minhchau Tran of 15th Street and Kim Sang Tran of 15th Street.

14214: Nathaniel Bowes of Main Street, Karan Shah of Merrimac Street, Romanch Mistry of Heath Street, Nicole Adamo of Custer Street, Abdurlrhman Alshibake of Niagara Falls Boulevard, Ouadie Amaach of Main Street, Kumar Saha Avik of Englewood Avenue, Rehman Baig of West Northrup Place, Sunita Bhatia of Groveland Street, John Bono of Crescent Avenue, Saerom Choi of Heath Street, Keri Duffy of Woodward Avenue, Andrew Eckert of Beard Avenue, Wenyu Fan of Heath Street, Atishay Godre of Merrimac Street, Sarajane Gomlak-Green of Woodward Avenue, Daniel Holzerland of West Winspear Avenue, Meghan Hughes of Crescent Avenue, Isaac Johnson of Parkside Avenue, Rachel King of Heath Street, Mao Kusunoki of Minnesota Avenue, Nam Le of Lisbon Avenue, Sze Wan Li of Custer Street, Ye Liang of Minnesota Avenue, Richard Linares of Custer Street, Olga Lozovetskaya of Flower Avenue, Mary Clare Mann of Fairfield Street, Steven Mannella of Montrose Avenue, William Martin of Main Street, Anthony Nelson of Hertel Avenue, Vinh Pham of Northrup Place, Jiayi Ren of Heath Street, Anurag Sethi of Englewood Avenue, Nana Tatsunokuchi of Englewood Avenue, Elyse Teschner of Voorhees Avenue, Carynn Tey of Winspear Avenue, Cheong Tsang of Merrimac Street, Rohit Valecha of Merrimac Street, Tara Warwick of Jewett Parkway, Josiah Zubairu of Lasalle Avenue, Laura Cantwell of Montrose Avenue and Peter Mancuso of West Winspear Avenue.

14215: Tan Fong Chan of Winspear Avenue, Mike Terranova of Lasalle Avenue, Stacy Morris of Kenville Road, Brandi Taylor of Kenville Road, Jason Lieu of Lebrun Road, Kirsten Butterfoss of Lisbon Avenue, Elizabeth Crawford of Lebrun Road, Thearthur Duncan of Proctor Avenue, Kwadwo Fosu of Rounds Avenue, Bo Gyun Jung of Lisbon Avenue, Xiao Fan Li of Minnesota Avenue, Qi Ma of Lisbon Avenue, Anita Moein of Winspear Avenue, Brittany Muscarella of Campbell Road, Gabriela Perez of Berkshire Avenue, Amber Taylor of Eggert Road, Winton Tran of Lebrun Road and Elisa Vazquez of Kenville Road.

14216: Michael Bartels of Virgil Avenue, Stephen Boyd of Chatham Avenue, Rebekah Brownstein of Hartwell Road, Alyse Costuros of Coburg Street, Paul Dejac of Wellington Road, Lisa Delvecchio of Taunton Place, Leslie Feldballe of Tennyson Avenue, Aaron Festinger of Saranac Avenue, Edyta Gluszkiewicz of Delaware Avenue, Lauren Howard of Starin Avenue, Haydee Izaguirre of Knox Avenue, Jaclyn Jakubowski of Admiral Road, Tiffany Kiblin of Commonwealth Avenue, Vincent Kostovich of Coburg Street, Jared Martarano of North Drive, Nathaniel Martin of Saranac Avenue, Taylor Marie Meheran of Wellington Road, Robert Melnyk of Ramsdell Avenue, Brandi Moses of Voorhees Avenue, Kathryn O'Brien of Bedford Avenue, Brandon Rudroff of Sanders Road, Peter Ruffino of Wellington Road, Mary Tasgetiren of Tillinghast Place, Julie Tran of Linview Terrace, Kathleen Hourihan of Starin Avenue, Tianna Porter of Colvin Avenue, Daniel Geyer of Wellington Road, Nicholas Limina of North Park Avenue and Eric Loonan of Bedford Avenue.

14217: Colin Griffin of Ralston Avenue.

14218: Lindsay Rodgers of Berg Road.

14220: Ian Conrad of 128 Harding Road, Kimberly Falkowski of Coronada Street, Tracy Giblin of Hollywood Avenue, Shaun Hammill of Tampa Drive, Andrew Kelley of Sheffield Avenue, Scott Kukelka of Cantwell Drive, Andrew Lenox of Trowbridge Street, Elizabeth Lewis of Choate Avenue, Kyle Mastalinski of Ladner Avenue, Candace McCulloch of Naragansett Road, Phil Morgan of Carlyle Avenue, Mario Ruiz of Folger Street, Ian McCracken of Kenefick Avenue, Jessica Tornabene of Richfield Avenue and Mollie McCabe of Britt Avenue.

14221: Daniel Soleimani of Ranch Trail West.

14222: Moira Carman of Claremont Avenue, Leah Connare of Anderson Place, Brian Flory of Elmwood Avenue, Lauren McCarthy of Richmond Avenue and Danielle Rovillo of Norwood Avenue.