UB Authors To Be Recognized at May 30 Reception

By Sue Wuetcher

Release Date: May 11, 2007 This content is archived.


BUFFALO, N.Y. -- More than 150 University at Buffalo faculty and staff authors will be recognized at a reception to be held from 3-5 p.m. May 30 in the Center for the Arts on the UB North (Amherst) Campus.

The reception will be hosted by President John B. Simpson; Satish K. Tripathi, provost and executive vice president for academic affairs; and Jorge V. José, vice president for research. It will honor UB authors who have published books between Jan. 1, 2005, and May 1 of this year. Volumes that missed the April 30 submission deadline or were published afterward will be honored next year.

"Scholarship and creative activity at UB take many forms," said José. "Many UB faculty have published books; we want to recognize and honor them on this occasion," which he said he intends to make an annual event.

He called the response from faculty and staff to his request for publication information "truly overwhelming."

Nearly every major discipline at the university is represented, from architecture, engineering, social work and medicine, to social sciences, the humanities, education and law. The book titles run the gamut, from "Nutrition and Cancer Prevention" and "Introduction to Old Yiddish Literature" to "Quantum Statistical Theory of Superconductivity" and "The Woman in the Shaman's Body: Reclaiming the Feminine in Religion and Medicine."

José noted that authors have been asked to provide a copy of their books for display at the reception.

UB authors who will be recognized at the reception, with their departments and book titles:

• Kelly Ahuna, Methods of Inquiry Program, "Methods of Inquiry: Applied Critical Thinking."

• Mark Ashwill, World Languages Program, "Vietnam Today."

• Bradley A. Ault, Classics, "The Excavations at Ancient Halieis, Vol. 2" and "Ancient Greek Houses and Households."

• Atif Awad, Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, "Nutrition and Cancer Prevention."

• George Barnett, Communication, "International and Multicultural Organizational Communication" and "Advances in Self-Organizing Systems."

• Brian Becker, Organizations and Human Resources, "The Workforce Scorecard: Managing Human Capital to Execute Strategy."

• George S. Bobinski, Library and Information Studies, "Libraries and Librarianship: Sixty Years of Challenge and Change, 1945-2005."

• Austin Booth, Collections and Research Services, "RE: Skin."

• Peter Bradford, Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, "Nutrition and Cancer Prevention."

• Janina Brutt-Griffler, Learning and Instruction and Polish Studies, "English and Ethnicity."

• Barbara Bunker, Psychology, "The Handbook of Large Group Methods: Creating Systemic Change in Organizations and Communities."

• Robert F. Burkard, Communicative Disorders and Sciences, Rehabilitation Science and Otolaryngology, "Auditory Evoked Potentials: Basic Principles and Clinical Application."

• Susan K. Cahn, History, "Sexual Reckonings: Southern Girls in a Troubling Age" and "Women and Sports in the United States: A Documentary Reader."

• Brian Carter, Architecture and Planning, "Designing & Building: Rockhill and Associates."

• David Castillo, Romance Languages and Literatures, "Reason and Its Other: Italy, Spain and The New World."

• Carl M. Chang, Industrial and Systems Engineering, "Engineering Management: Challenges in the New Millennium."

• Deborah Chung, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, "Book Series Entitled: The Road to Scientific Success: Inspiring Life Stories of Prominent Researchers."

• Joan Copjec, English, "Imagine There's No Women" (Japanese translations), "Imaginemos que mujer no existe: Etica y sublimacion" and "El sexo y la euthanasia de la razon: ensays sobre el amor y la diferencia."

• Alfred Dansereau, Organizations and Human Resources, "Multi-Level Issues in Strategy and Research Methods" and "Multi-Level Issues in Social Systems."

Andreas Daum, History, "Kennedy in Berlin" and "Berlin-Washington, 1800-2000: Capital Cities, Cultural Representations and National Identities."

• Roger DesForges, History, "The Asian World, 600-1500"

• Janice L. DeLucia-Waak, Counseling, School and Educational Psychology, "Group Work Experts Share Their Favorite Activities: A Guide to Choosing, Planning, Conducting and Processing" and "Leading Psychoeducational Groups for Children and Adolescents."

• Jonathan Dewald, History, "Lost Worlds: The Emergence of French Social History, 1815-1970."

• Greg Dimitriadis, Educational Leadership and Policy, "Ideology, Curriculum and the New Sociology of Education."

• Matthew Dryer, Linguistics, "World Atlas of Language Structures."

• Markus Dubber, Law School, "The Police Power: Patriarchy and the Foundations of American Government," "Einführung in das US-amerikanische Strafrecht," "American Criminal Law: Cases, Statutes and Comments," "Teacher's Manual for American Criminal Law: Cases, Statutes and Comments," "The Sense of Justice: Empathy in Law and Punishment" and "The New Police Science: The Police Power in Domestic and International Governance."

• Steven Dubovsky, Psychiatry, "Clinical Guide to Psychotropic Medication" and "Ethical Prescribing in an Era of Big Pharmacy."

• John Dugan, Classics, "Making a New Man."

• Catherine N. Dulmus, Social Work, "Kids and Violence: The Invisible School Experience," "Handbook of Preventive Interventions for Adults" and "Handbook of Gerontology: Evidence-Based Approaches to Theory, Practice and Policy."

• Stephen Dyson, Classics, "In Pursuit of Ancient Pasts: A History of Classical Archaeology in the 19th and 20th Centuries."

• Munroe Eagles, Political Science, "Politics Is Local: National Politics at the Grassroots."

• Elaine Howard Ecklund, Sociology, "Korean American Evangelicals: New Models for Civic Life."

• Isaac Ehrlich, Economics, "The Economics of Crime."

• Peter Ekeh, African American Studies, "Studies in Urhobo Culture."

• Charles Patrick Ewing, Law, "Minds on Trial."

• Janice C. Feigenbaum, Nursing, "Core Curriculum of Addiction Nursing" (second edition).

• Andre Filiatrault, Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, "Principles of Passive Supplemental Damping and Seismic Isolation."

• Jeremy D. Finn, Counseling and Educational Psychology, "Taking Small Classes One Step Further."

• Mary E. Finn, Educational Leadership and Policy, "Urban Education with an Attitude."

• Jerold Frakes, English, "Early Yiddish Texts 1100-1750: With Introduction and Commentary," "The Cultural Study of Yiddish in Early Modern Europe" and "Introduction to Old Yiddish Literature."

• Michael R. Frone, Research Institute on Addictions, "Handbook of Work Stress."

Bradley Fuhrman, Pediatrics and Anesthesiology, "Pediatric Critical Care."

Shigeji Fujita, Physics "Quantum Statistical Theory of Superconductivity" and "Theory of High Temperature Superconductivity."

• James Gardner, Law, "Interpreting State Constitutions: Jurisprudence of Function in a Federal System."

• Rodolphe Gasche, Comparative Literature, "The Honor of Thinking: Critique, Theory, Philosophy" and "Views and Interviews: On 'Deconstruction' in America."

• Ronald Gentile, Counseling, School and Educational Psychology, "Educational Psychology."

• David A. Gerber, History, "Letters Across Borders: The Epistolary Practices of International Migrant," "Authors of Their Lives: The Personal Correspondence of British Immigrants to North America in the 19th Century" and "American Immigration and Ethnicity: A Reader."

• Joseph Gerken, Law Library, "What Good Is Legislative History? Justice Scalia in the Federal Courts of Appeals."

• Mark Gottdiener, Sociology, "The New Urban Sociology."

• Jorge J.E. Gracia, Philosophy, "Companion to Philosophy in the Middle Ages," "Surviving Race, Ethnicity and Nationality," "Identidad Hispana/Latina," "Race or Ethnicity" and "Philosophy and Integration in Popular Culture."

• S.G. Grant, Learning and Instruction, "Measuring History: Cases of State-Level Testing Across the United States" and "Elementary Social Studies: Constructing a Powerful Approach to Teaching and Learning."

• Donald Grinde, American Studies, "Exemplar of Liberty: Native America and the Evolution of Democracy."

• Daniel Hack, English, "The Material Interests of the Victorian Novel."

• Amy Hequembourg, Research Institute on Addictions, "Lesbian Motherhood: Stories of Becoming."

• Bruce Holm, Pediatrics, "Lung Injury: Mechanisms, Pathophysiology and Therapy."

• L. Nelson Hopkins, Neurosurgery, guest editor, "Endovascular Neurosurgery," Supplement to Neurosurgery (Vol. 59, No. 5), and editor, "Neuroendovascular Surgery: Techniques, Indications and Patient Selection," Neurosurgery Clinics of North America (Vol. 16, No. 2).

• Maria S. Horne, Theatre and Dance, "To Teach/To Study Theatre at University: What For?"

• Jeri J. Jaeger, Linguistics, "Kids' Slips: What Young Children's Slips of the Tongue Reveal About Language Development."

• James N. Jensen, Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, "A User's Guide to Engineering."

• Lauri Johnson, Educational Leadership and Policy, "Urban Education with an Attitude" and "Multicultural Education Policies in Canada and the United States."

• D. Bruce Johnstone, Graduate School of Education, "Financing Higher Education: Cost-Sharing in International Perspective."

• Kenneth A. Kim, Finance and Managerial Economics, "Corporate Governance" (second edition).

• Myung Mi Kim, English, "Fell (from Penury)" and "River Antes."

• Robert Knopf, Theatre and Dance, "The Director as Collaborator" and "Theater and Film: A Comparative Anthology."

• Becky Koening, Visual Studies, "Color Workbook."

• Carolyn Korsmeyer, Philosophy, "The Taste Culture Reader: Experiencing Food and Drink."

• Charles Lamb, Political Science, "Housing Segregation in Suburban America Since 1960."

• Hal Langfur, History, "The Forbidden Lands: Colonial Identity, Frontier Violence and the Persistence of Brazil's Eastern Indians, 1750-1830."

• James Lawler, Philosophy, "Matter and Spirit: The Battle of Metaphysics in Modern Western Philosophy before Kant" and "Philosophy and Religion in Popular Culture: From the Simpsons to the DaVinci Code."

• William Lawvere, Mathematics, "Conceptual Mathematics."

• Jaekyung Lee, Counseling, School and Educational Psychology, "How National Data Help Tackle the Achievement Gap."

• Richard Lee, Medicine and Anthropology, "Outside Rounds: Essays on Medical Life Beyond Hospital and Clinic."

• Murray Levine, Psychology, "Psychological Problems, Social Issues and Law."

• Elad I. Levy, Neurosurgery, guest editor, "Endovascular Neurosurgery," Supplement to Neurosurgery" (Vol. 59, No. 5), editor, "Neuroendovascular Surgery: Techniques, Indications and Patient Selection," Neurosurgery Clinics of North America" (Vol 16, No. 2) and editor, "Neuroendovascular Surgery," Progress in Neurological Surgery (Vol. 17).

• Kemper Lewis, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, "Decision Making in Engineering Design."

• Xiufeng Liu, Learning and Instruction, "Applications of Rasch Measurement in Science Education."

• Rosemary Lubinski, Communicative Disorders and Sciences, "Professional Issues in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology."

• Changxing Ma, Biostatistics, "Statistical Genomics of Complex Traits: Linkage, Disequilibrium and QTL (Statistics for Biology and Health)."

• Lewis Mandell, Finance and Managerial Economics, "Financial Literacy: Improving Education."

• Martha Malamud, Classics, "Imperial Projections: Ancient Rome in Modern Popular Culture" and series editor, "Aristophanes and the Carnival of Genres" and "Gendered Dynamics of Latin Love Elegy."

• Carine M. Mardorossian, English, "Reclaiming Difference: Caribbean Women Rewrite Postcolonialism."

• David M. Mark, Geography, "Spatial Information Theory: International Conference," proceedings from COSIT 2005, (lecture notes in computer science).

• Roger Mayne, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, "Introduction to Windows and Graphic Programming with Visual C++. Net."

• Patricia Mazon, History, "Not So Plain as Black and White: Afro-German Culture and History, 1890-2000."

• Stephen McCaffery, English, "Crime Scenes London" and "Paradigm of the Tinctures."

• Christopher Mele, Sociology, "The Urban Sociology Reader" and "Collateral Penalties, Social Consequences: Civil Punishment in the Wars on Drugs and Terror."

• Donald McGuire, Classics, "Imperial Projections: Ancient Rome in Modern Popular Culture."

• Cristanne Miller, English, "Cultures of Modernism: Marianne Moore, Mina Loy, Else Lasker-Schüler," "Words for the Hour: A New Anthology of American Civil War Poetry" and "Critics and Poets on Marianne Moore: A Right Good Salvo of Barks."

• Mary Miller, University Libraries, "Recommended Publications for Legal Research."

• Russ Miller, Computer Science and Engineering, "Algorithms, Sequential and Parallel."

• Teresa Miller, Law, "Collateral Penalties, Social Consequences: Civil Punishment in the Wars on Drugs and Terror."

• Christina Milletti, English, "The Religious and Other Fictions."

• Gene Morse, Pharmacy, "Antimicrobial Therapy and Vaccines Volume II: Antimicrobial Agents."

Frank Munger, Law, "Laboring Below the Line: The Ethnography of Poverty, Low-Wage Work and Survival."

• Athena Mutua, Law, "Progressive Black Masculinities."

• Bruce Naughton, Medicine, "Office Based Geriatrics."

• Jerry M. Newman, Organization and Human Resources, "My Secret Life on the McJob: Lessons From Behind the Counter Guaranteed to Supersize Any Management Style" and "Compensation" (ninth edition).

• Elizabeth Otto, Visual Studies, "Tempo, Tempo! The Bauhaus Photomontages of Marianne Brandt."

• Sasha David Pack, History, "Tourism and Dictatorship: Europe's Peaceful Invasion of Franco's Spain."

• Brett Pelham, Psychology, "Conducting Research in Psychology: Measuring the Weight of Smoke."

• J. Theodore Peña, Classics, "Roman Pottery and the Archaeological Record."

• Linda F. Pessar, Psychiatry, "Handbook of Psychiatric Education."

• LeAdelle Phelps, Counseling, School and Educational Psychology, "Chronic Health-Related Disorders in Children."

• H.R. Rao, Management Science and Systems, "Managing Information Assurance in Financial Services."

• Andre M. Reinhorn, Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, "Active, Hybrid and Semi-Active Structural Control."

• John Richard, Chemistry, editor, "Advances in Physical Organic Chemistry, Volume 40" and "Advances in Physical Organic Chemistry, Volume 41."

• Maria Runfola, Learning and Instruction, "The Development and Practical Application of Music Learning Theory."

• Frank Scannapieco, Oral Biology, "Dental Clinics of North America: Periodontology: Present Status and Future Concepts."

• Jerome J. Schentag, Pharmaceutical Sciences, "Applied Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics, Principles of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring."

• David Schmid, English, "Natural Born Celebrities."

• Lynda Schneekloth, Architecture, "The Power Trail: History of Hydroelectricity at Niagara."

• Erik Seeman, History, "The Atlantic in Global History."

• Alan Selman, Computer Science and Engineering, "Theoretical Computer Science: Essays in Memory of Shimon Even."

• Margaret Shannon, Law, "Sustainable Forestry in Theory and Practice."

• Raj Sharman, Management Science and Systems, "Ontologies: A Handbook of Principles, Concepts and Applications in Information Systems."

• Mitsuaki Shimojo, Linguistics, "Argument Encoding in Japanese Conversation."

• Lawrence Shulman, Social Work, "Supervision in Counseling: Interdisciplinary Issues and Research," "The Skills of Helping Individuals, Family, Groups and Communities" (fifth edition) and "Mutual Aid Groups, Vulnerable Populations, Resilience and the Life Cycle" (third edition).

• Tsu Teh Soong, Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, "Active, Hybrid, and Semi-Active Structural Control."

• Alan Spiegel, English, "Fiction and the Camera Eye."

• Peter St. Jean, Sociology, "Lessons From Grand Bay: Prospects for Maintaining Low Crime in Dominica, Nature Island of the Caribbean."

• John Stone, Rehabilitation Science, "Culture and Disability: Providing Culturally Competent Services."

• Andrew Stott, English, "Comedy."

• Winnifred Sullivan, Law, "The Impossibility of Religious Freedom."

• Harry Sultz, Social and Preventive Medicine, "Health Care USA."

• Henry Sussman, Comparative Literature, "The Task of the Critic: Poetics, Philosophy and Religion."

• Anne M. Szczesny, Learning and Instruction, "Let's Prepare for the Grade 8 Math Test."

• Barbara Tedlock, Anthropology, "The Woman in the Shaman's Body: Reclaiming the Feminine in Religion and Medicine."

• Tina Thurston, Anthropology, "Seeking a Richer Harvest: The Archaeology of Subsistence Intensification, Innovation and Change."

• David J. Triggle, Pharmacology, "Comprehensive Medicinal Chemistry II."

• Shambhu Updhyaya, Computer Science and Engineering, "Managing Information Assurance in Financial Services."

• Robert D. Van Valin Jr., Linguistics, "Exploring the Syntax-Semantics Interface."

Shahin Vassigh, Architecture, "Interactive Structure: Visualizing Structural Behavior."

• Niraj Verma, Urban and Regional Planning, "Institutions and Planning (Current Research in Urban and Regional Studies)."

• Livingston Vance Watrous, Visual Studies, "Life's Possessions: Treasures From Hades. Greek Vases from the Buffalo Museum of Science."

• Hilary N. Weaver, Social Work, "Explorations in Cultural Competence: Journeys to the Four Directions."

• Lois Weis, Educational Leadership and Policy, "Ideology, Curriculum and the New Sociology of Education" and "Beyond Silenced Voices: Class, Race and Gender in United States Schools."

• Claude E. Welch Jr., Political Science, "Economic Rights in Canada and the United States."

• Gail Willisky, Biochemistry, "Vanadium Chemistry Biochemistry Pharmacology and Practical Applications."

• Kari Winter, American Studies, "The Blind African Slave; or Memoirs of Boyrereay Brinch, Nicknamed Jeffery Brace."

• Howard Wolf, English, "The Education of Ludwig Fried and Other Stories."

• Roger Woodward, Classics, "Indo-European Sacred Space: Vedic and Roman Cult," a volume in the series Traditions, edited by Gregory Nagy and "To Fetch Some Golden Apples: Readings in Indo-European Myth, Religion, and Society."

• Randy Yerrick, Learning and Instruction, "Establishing Scientific Classroom Discourse Communities."

• Kristina M. Young, Social and Preventive Medicine, "Health Care USA."

• Hershini Bhana Young, English, "Haunting Capital: Memory, Text and the Black Diasporic Body."

• Jiyuan Yu, Philosophy, "The Ethics of Aristotle and Confucius: Mirrors of Virtues" and "Blackwell Dictionary of Western Philosophy."

• Paul Zarembka, Economics, "The Capitalist State and Its Economy; Democracy in Socialism" and "The Hidden History of 9-11-2001."

• Aidong Zhang, Computer Science and Engineering, "Advanced Analysis of Gene Expression Microarray Data."