Rinck Bequest Will Help Needy Dental Students Complete Education

Release Date: December 8, 2004 This content is archived.


BUFFALO, N.Y. -- A bequest from the late Lois Mae Rinck is benefiting the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine and the first dental student selected to receive the financial assistance it provides.

The widow of the late Carlton F. Rinck D.D.S. '46, Rinck included UB in her will with a $165,000 donation for an endowed fund to help need third- and fourth-year dental students.

For the first Rinck award recipient, the financial assistance was critical.

"The money was so helpful and came at a time when I was out of options and looking into taking a leave of absence due to financial circumstances and family and health problems," said the anonymous third-year dental student. "Without this loan, I would probably not be in dental school right now."

Rinck, who died in 2003, stipulated that her donation be used for an endowed fund with the interest earned used for awards offered in the name of her late husband. Recipients must pay back these awards, or loans, over a five-year period beginning after they have worked for seven years.

Richard Buchanan, dean of the UB School of Dental Medicine, praised Lois Mae Rinck and her generosity.

"With tuition rising, the dental school, now more than ever, is thrilled to be able to provide this assistance to students in need," said Buchanan.

"We are grateful to Mrs. Rinck, not only for the gift, but also for her foresight in making it a loan program, which ensures that this assistance will be around for many years, creating a 'safety net' for students to meet the unexpected expenses that might otherwise force them out of school."

As requested by Mrs. Rinck in her will, the dean will choose the Dr. Carlton F. Rinck Memorial Fund award recipients.

The Rincks were residents of New Hampshire, where Dr. Rinck, who died in 1983, had a private dental and orthodontic practice.