UB to Become "Pepsi Campus" on Aug. 1

By Sue Wuetcher

Release Date: June 26, 2004 This content is archived.


BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Campus Dining & Shops/FSA at the University at Buffalohas entered into a five-year, exclusive-vendor agreement with Pepsi to provide soft drink products for UB.

The awarding of the contract to Pepsi follows an extensive proposal process that involved wide-ranging consultation within the university and throughout the industry.

"We think our campus will be very pleased with our choice of Pepsi as our exclusive soft drink vendor," said Dennis R. Black, vice president for student affairs. "After an extensive review process where we assessed campus needs and preferences and researched peer institutions, we are satisfied that the UB community as a whole will reap the broadest benefit from Pepsi. We look forward to a successful five years with Pepsi."

According to Black, benefits of the new arrangement include:

* Pricing stability. Campus Dining & Shops/FSA will maintain soft drink prices for the next two years in the dining operations, campus stores and vending operations, and will keep prices competitive in the following three years.

* Additional campus resource. The revenues generated by Campus Dining & Shops/FSA through the Pepsi agreement are expected to exceed that of the existing vendor agreement by 10 percent. The arrangement also will provide greater marketing support.

* New products. The Pepsi agreement will offer new products to the UB campus community, including Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, Orange Slice, Gatorade, Hawaiian Punch, Dr. Pepper, Lipton's Ice Tea, Aquafina water and Dole and Tropicana juices, as well as the SOBE line of "new age" beverages.

* Competitive products. The Pepsi arrangement will allow the sale of some competitive products in retail sales locations. As a result, Coke and Coke products still may be available at UB at Campus Tees, The Elli, Teddy's, Main Street C-Store, and Student Union Lobby candy counter.

* New equipment. Pepsi will install new equipment, such as coolers and soft drink dispensers, during the summer months.

Pepsi products will be available on the two UB campuses and at all UB events beginning Aug. 1. Until that time, the campus will transition to Pepsi vending machines and vending may be limited in a few campus areas.

Campus Dining & Shops provides food, dining, catering and retail services to the campus community and is operated by a faculty, staff and student board of directors.