• New Research Finds Some Animals Know Their Cognitive Limits
    A series of studies led by a University at Buffalo psychologist involving a group of Rhesus monkeys and a bottlenose dolphin suggest that some animals have functional features of, or parallels to, human conscious metacognition.
  • University at Buffalo Awarded $3.8 Million to Train Geographic Information Scientists for the 21st Century
    The National Science Foundation has selected the University at Buffalo's National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis to receive a highly competitive, five-year, $3.8 million grant to fund a multidisciplinary, graduate-level training program in geographic information science.
  • UB Professor Works to Unravel Mysteries of Khipu: Colored, Knotted Strings Used by the Ancient Incas
    Although the ancient Inca are renowned for their highly organized society and extraordinary skill in working with gold, stone and pottery, few are familiar with the khipu -- an elaborate system of colored, knotted strings that many researchers believe to be primarily mnemonic in nature, like a rosary -- that was used by the ancient conquerors to record information. Because the Inca didn't employ a recognizable system of writing, researchers like UB's Galen Brokaw have focused on the khipu as a way to further illuminate Inca history and culture.
  • School of Management to Hold 50th Annual Institute on Taxation
    The Center for Executive Development in the University at Buffalo School of Management will hold its 50th annual Institute on Taxation from 12:30-5:30 p.m. on Dec. 11, and from 8:15 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Dec. 12 in the Adam's Mark Hotel.
  • New Home Loan Guaranty Program Helps UB Employees Become Homeowners, Bolster University Heights Neighborhood
    In an effort to encourage home ownership in the University Heights neighborhood surrounding its South (Main Street) Campus, the University at Buffalo is helping its employees purchase and renovate homes in the area.
  • Four UB Law School Alumni Named Among America's Top 50 Black Lawyers
    Four alumni of the University at Buffalo Law School have been named to Black Enterprise magazine's list of America's Top Black Lawyers.
  • New Book by UB Law Professor Focuses on Making Sense of Globalization
    A new book by a University at Buffalo law professor attempts to make sense of the debate about whether globalization is a pathway to unprecedented global prosperity or increased poverty, among other benefits and ills.
  • Simpson Names Genco UB's Interim Provost Effective Feb. 1
    John B. Simpson, president-designate of the University at Buffalo, has named Robert J. Genco, a UB vice provost and SUNY Distinguished Professor, to be the university's interim provost effective Feb. 1, 2004. Simpson also announced the launch of a national search to identify the successor of Elizabeth D. Capaldi, UB's provost, who will become vice chancellor and chief of staff for the State University of New York on Feb. 1.
  • Supreme Court's Ruling on McCain-Feingold Will Further Complicate Campaign Financing, Says UB Political Scientist
    The Supreme Court's majority decision on Wednesday upholding the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act -- better known as the McCain-Feingold law -- was surprising in several respects and will further complicate campaign financing, according to a University at Buffalo political scientist who studies campaign-finance reform.
  • SUNY Chancellor Names Betty Capaldi Vice Chancellor and Chief of Staff
    State University of New York Chancellor Robert L. King today announced he will recommend that current University at Buffalo Provost Elizabeth D. Capaldi be vice chancellor and chief of staff at System Administration.
  • Mikhail Baryshnikov, One of World's Most Celebrated Dancers, Brings Two Evenings of Solo, Contemporary Dance to UB
    The Center for the Arts at the University at Buffalo will present "Solos with Piano or Not...An Evening of Music and Dance with Mikhail Baryshnikov and Pianist Pedja Muzijevic" at 8 p.m. on Jan. 30 and Jan. 31 in the Mainstage theater in the Center for the Arts on the UB North (Amherst) Campus.
  • UB, Military Collaborate on Design and Testing of First Drug to Prevent Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
    Six hundred Marines at Camp Pendleton in California will undergo two weeks of war games in the coming months armed with a new weapon: a drug designed to protect their hearing from the destructive decibels of battle, thanks to researchers at the University at Buffalo's Center for Hearing and Deafness.
  • New Student Recruitment Center Offers Prospective Students a High-Tech View of UB
    Prospective students now have the opportunity to learn about the University at Buffalo and at the same time the cutting-edge technology available at the university with the opening of the new Student Recruitment Center in the lobby of Capen Hall on the North (Amherst) Campus.
  • Award-Winning UB Gifted Math Program Seeks Nominations for Its Fall 2004 Class
    The University at Buffalo Gifted Math Program is accepting nominations from schools and parents of outstanding sixth-grade mathematics students for its Fall 2004 class.
  • Textbooks for Blind Students Come Alive Through the Work of UB Assistive Technology Specialists
    A standard textbook for primary or secondary school students is a robust learning tool rich with photographs, illustrations, charts, maps: visual images that bring the words to life. Textbooks for blind or visually impaired students are considerably less dynamic. But the learning status quo for these students may be changing as the result of a project completed by assistive technology experts at the University at Buffalo.
  • Mehrdad Hadighi's Studio for Architecture Named One of Top 10 Architectural Firms Reshaping the Globe
    "Studio for Architecture," the architectural design firm of Mehrdad Hadighi, associate professor of architecture in the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning, has been recognized by Architectural Record magazine as one of 10 members of its 2003 "Architectural Vanguard" -- "the top young firms reshaping the globe."
  • Husband's Drinking Behavior Influences Circle of Friends, Social Life of Newlyweds
    Women tend to adapt to their husband's drinking behavior during the first year of marriage, with his drinking behavior influencing who they choose as friends and the role of drinking in their social life, according to research conducted at the University at Buffalo's Research Institute on Addictions.
  • UB Planning Studio Cites Shared Themes and Benefits of Heritage Tourism in Upstate New York
    Heritage-based tourism is the fastest-growing segment of the world tourism market, but researchers in the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning report that as a result of fractionalism and lack of leadership, upstate New York is missing out on the opportunity to reinvigorate heritage tourism in the region.
  • UB to Receive 3 Chancellor's Awards for Internationalization
    The University at Buffalo will receive three grants of $8,000 each to support new study-abroad programs in Summer 2004 as part of the Chancellor's Award for Internationalization, a new initiative of Office of International Programs, State University of New York designed to support the development of short-term, overseas academic projects in less-commonly traveled countries.
  • Even Today, the Ancient City of Bam is the 'Emerald of the Desert'
    For native Iranians like Mehrdad Hadighi, associate professor of architecture in the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning, Bam -- the Iranian city last week devastated by a 6.6 magnitude earthquake -- is a city of dramatic beauty, even as much of its ancient heritage now lies in ruins.
  • UB to Commemorate 204th Birthday of Millard Fillmore
    The 204th anniversary of the birth of Millard Fillmore, the University at Buffalo's first chancellor and 13th president of the United States, will be observed in ceremonies to be held at 10 a.m. Jan. 7 in Forest Lawn Cemetery.
  • UB College of Arts and Sciences Sponsors Poetry Contest for High School Students
    Aspiring high school poets can showcase their creative talents by participating in the UB Poetry Contest, sponsored by the University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences.
  • Graduate Student Documents Transformation of Buffalo's Vacant Lots into Community Gardens
    On the corner of Niagara and Jersey streets in Buffalo is a community garden, with bright red hibiscus blooming in the summer, and evergreens decorated for the holiday season. The once-vacant lot is testament to how communities throughout Buffalo are reclaiming blighted, abandoned property and turning it into welcoming green space and a source of fresh food. The gardens also may be a way in which members of urban neighborhoods can reclaim political visibility and empowerment, says a graduate student in the Department of Geography at the University at Buffalo.