• Top 100 Federal Grant Recipients at UB to be Honored
    The University at Buffalo will honor faculty members who have received the largest amounts of federal grant dollars with a reception to be held from 4-6 p.m. Nov. 5 in the Anderson Gallery, Martha Jackson Place, Buffalo.
  • Legal Aspects of Political Theory to be Subject of Conference Sponsored by UB's Baldy Center
    Contemporary democratic theory will be the subject of a workshop to be sponsored by the University at Buffalo's Baldy Center for Law and Social Policy and the UB Law School.
  • UB Degree in Exercise Science Helps "Ironman" Pursuing a Career as a Trainer of Elite Athletes
    There isn't much in Doug Bush's humble, engaging and unassuming manner to indicate his dedication to one of the world's most extreme sports -- the triathlon. And when dressed in jeans and a long-sleeved plaid shirt instead of his workout gear, there isn't much at first glance that betrays the very high level of physical fitness this very non-traditional student maintains.
  • WBFO Completes Most Successful Drive in Its History
    WBFO 88.7 FM, the National Public Radio affiliate operated by the University at Buffalo, recently completed a record-breaking membership drive, raising $227,000.
  • University at Buffalo Poetry and Rare Books Collection Earning International Recognition for Its Depth
    As he packed off the army knapsack used by renowned "wartime poet" Robert Graves, Robert Bertholf -- curator of the University at Buffalo Poetry and Rare Books Collection -- reflected on the value of the items he often sends to museums from around the world. The knapsack was sent last month to the Imperial War Museum in London, where it is part of the exhibition, "Anthem for Doomed Youth: Twelve Soldier Poets of the First World War." It is one of four major exhibits in which the UB Poetry and Rare Books Collection, which is quietly achieving international notoriety for its significance, is participating over the next few months.
  • South African Theater Company to Perform "Mine Ghosts"
    The UB Center for the Arts will present the Eager Artists Theatre Company of Durban, South Africa, in "Mine Ghosts" at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 24 in the Mainstage Theatre in the Center for the Arts on the UB North (Amherst) Campus. The performance is made possible, in part, through the support of the Western New York delegation to the New York State Assembly.
  • High-Level Investment Managers to Discuss Turbulent Stock Market at UB School of Management Forum
    Four national experts from the investment-management industry will try to make sense of the turbulent stock market at an "Investment Forum" sponsored by the MBA program at the University at Buffalo School of Management.
  • 41 Executives Graduate from UB's MBA Program in China
    The University at Buffalo School of Management, in conjunction with Renmin University in Beijing and Praxair Inc., celebrated the graduation of its second China Executive MBA class on Nov. 5 in Beijing.
  • Study Shows Perceived Risk of Online Credit Purchases Linked to Trust, Familiarity with Intermediaries
    Despite the high volume of shopping done on the Internet each day, many consumers fail to make online purchases because of continued reluctance to engage in transactions with intermediaries that are not familiar and trusted, according to a study by researchers at the University at Buffalo School of Management.
  • Studies at Research Institute on Addictions to Address Alcohol and Drug Problems for Couples and Families
    Researchers affiliated with the University at Buffalo's Research Institute on Addictions have been awarded two grants focusing on couples therapy and family treatment for alcoholism and drug abuse, which are among the most effective, but rarely used substance-abuse treatment programs because they are labor-intensive and costly to deliver.
  • Allowing Pharmacists to Give Shots Would Improve New York's Flu, Pneumococcal Immunization Rates
    It might not seem like it if you've recently spent your lunch hour waiting in line for a flu shot, but New York State has one of nation's lowest immunization rates for flu and pneumonia, a factor that may contribute to the more than 5,000 deaths of New York State residents every year from these diseases.
  • El Reventador Volcano, Which Closed Quito, Deserves More Study, UB Scientist Says
    Ecuador's El Reventador volcano awoke from a 35-year slumber last Sunday with an eruption that makes other volcano eruptions of recent years look "pale" in comparison, according to a University at Buffalo geologist.
  • Algorithm Predicts Interactions Between Proteins Whose Structures Are Unsolved
    A promising new algorithm that can predict interactions between proteins whose structures are unsolved has been developed by Jeffrey Skolnick, Ph.D., University at Buffalo Distinguished Professor and director of the Buffalo Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics.
  • Psychologist Says Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Common and Serious Problem for Accident Victims
    Working with survivors of serious car accidents, psychologists at the University at Buffalo are evaluating the use of group therapy to provide effective treatment to individuals experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • UB to Celebrate International Education Week
    The University at Buffalo will join colleges and universities nationwide in commemorating International Education Week 2002, Nov. 18-22, with a variety of free lectures, films and other activities designed to recognize the important contributions of international education and exchange to the community and the nation.
  • UB's e-Business Japanese Course Takes to the Road
    Most Americans doing business in Japan face some unusual obstacles: a language completely unlike their own, complex and apparently inexplicable modes of interaction evolved from ancient traditions and a general lack of familiarity with Japanese culture -- in particular, its business culture. For business people who need to get up to speed, the University at Buffalo World Languages Institute has announced plans to offer its pioneering online e-Business Japanese program next spring in cooperation with the University of New Orleans Critical Languages Program.
  • Basinski's Visual Poetry Incorporates Symbols and Sounds
    Michael Basinski, the poet, zips around in his office chair on wheels, punctuating his lines with each slide of the chair forward, sideways, down and back again, the way a dancer box-steps across the floor. He is raw energy, pulsating to a four/four beat. Associate curator of UB's Poetry/Rare Books Collection and a graduate of the Department of English, Basinski has been an active and visible participant in Buffalo's literary community for more than 20 years.
  • UB Launches New Articulation Web Site
    The UB Office of Transfer and Articulation Services has launched a new transfer course articulation Web site, called TAURUS, that replicates and enhances the services that were available in ARIES, the university's award-winning articulation Web application.
  • Foster Named Chair of Planning Department
    Kathryn A. Foster, associate professor in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning in the School of Architecture and Planning, has been named chair of the department, effective Jan. 2.
  • McPherson Named Assistant Vice President in Office of Government Affairs
    Ryan A. McPherson has been named assistant vice president for government affairs in the Office of Government Affairs, where he promotes the university's legislative agenda directly to the Western New York federal and state delegations, as well as monitors and assesses state and federal higher-education legislation.
  • For-Profit U.S. Dialysis Facilities Show Higher Patient Death Rates Than Non-Profits, JAMA Study Shows
    The profit motive that drives U.S. for-profit kidney dialysis centers results in an average of 2,500 premature deaths annually, a study to be published tomorrow (Nov. 20, 2002) in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has found.
  • Zodiaque Studio Dance Ensemble to Perform Dec. 5-8 in Center for the Arts
    The University at Buffalo's Department of Theatre and Dance will present the Zodiaque Studio Dance Ensemble in a dance concert to be held Dec. 5-8 in the Black Box Theatre in the Center for the Arts on the UB North (Amherst) Campus. Performance times will be 8 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and 2 p.m. Sunday.
  • University at Buffalo Adds Second Dell Cluster to Track Great Lakes Pollution, Fuel General Research
    The University at Buffalo, The State University of New York has added a 300-node Dell high-performance computing cluster (HPCC) to its Center for Computational Research (CCR). The increased computing capacity will assist with various scientific research projects, including groundwater modeling to help predict the flow of contaminants in large bodies of water such as the Great Lakes, computational chemistry and molecular structure determination.
  • UB Engineer Develops Novel Method for Assembly of Nanoparticles
    A University at Buffalo engineer has developed a novel method for assembling nanoparticles into three-dimensional structures that one day may be used to produce new nanoscale tools and machines.
  • Ruckenstein Receives Highest Award from American Institute of Chemical Engineers
    Eli Ruckensteint, SUNY Distinguished Professor in the University at Buffalo Department of Chemical Engineering and winner of the National Medal of Science -- the highest honor awarded in the U.S. for scientific achievement -- has received the Founder's Award for outstanding contributions to the field of chemical engineering from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE).
  • Combining Clot-Buster Drug with Clot-Busting Device Can Open Blood Vessels in High-Risk Stroke Patients
    A novel approach to treating high-risk stroke patients who were poor candidates for traditional clot-busting therapy enabled one-third of patients in a prospective trial, all of whom otherwise would be expected to suffer severe deficits, to return to functional independence, neurosurgeons at the University at Buffalo report.
  • Researchers in UB Graduate School of Education Awarded Grants Totaling More Than $4.5 Million
    Education researchers in the University at Buffalo Graduate School of Education (GSE) have received more than $4.5 million dollars in federal grants in recent months.
  • Esthetic Dentistry Education Center Helps Students, Dentists Keep Up with Public's Demand for Perfect Smile
    The University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine is providing some of the most comprehensive training in esthetic, or cosmetic, dentistry in the country to dental students and practicing dentists.
  • Hicks Named Associate Vice President in University Advancement
    Kenneth M. Hicks, associate vice president for development for The University of Connecticut Foundation, has been appointed associate vice president for constituent development in the Division of University Advancement, effective Dec. 19.
  • Holiday Sales Forecast Bleak for Most Retailers
    With the exception of supermarkets and well-known "e-tailers," most retailers can expect another dismal season of holiday sales, according to a University at Buffalo expert on retailing and consumer behavior.
  • Too Fat to Fight? Obesity Becomes National Security Issue, Weight Would Disqualify Many Potential Military Recruits
    If the U.S. military needed to recruit substantial numbers of young men and women into their forces quickly, they would face a vexing obstacle: the chubby American. Moreover, military weight limits for women are stricter than for men in all of the forces, making it harder for women to get into the military and if they get in, to stay within weight limits without jeopardizing their health, according to a study co-authored by a University at Buffalo researcher.
  • Grant from Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo Assists UB in Study of Prostate Cancer
    The Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo has awarded a $7,500 grant for a study of prostate cancer to the Department of Medicine in the School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
  • AMBP Tech Corp. Receives $1.1 Million Grant
    AMBP Tech Corp., a UB spin-off company, has received a $1.1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Defense Missile Defense Agency.
  • How Children Perceive Urban Environments Is Focus of First Children's Geography Project
    University at Buffalo geographers are embarking on a new project designed to find out how school-aged children relate to urban spaces, to create the first "children's geography of the inner city."