• Plant-Based Fats Slow Prostate Cancer Growth in Mice
    Fats derived from plants appear to inhibit the growth and migration of one type of prostate cancer cell and to slow the growth of prostate tumors in laboratory mice, nutrition researchers at the University at Buffalo have found.
  • NSF Funds UB to be Nation's First Cross-Disciplinary Training Ground for Biophotonics Scientists
    The National Science Foundation has awarded $2.7 million to the University at Buffalo to establish the nation's first comprehensive, multidisciplinary training program for biophotonics scientists. The result will be a new breed of 21st-century scientist, one who is well-versed in and able to conduct research in biological, photonic and electronic systems.
  • Works of Seven Directors to be Featured in International Women's Film Festival
    An in-person introduction by director Maureen Gosling at the March 7 screening of her film, "Blossoms of Fire/Ramos de Fuego," will be among the highlights of the sixth annual International Women's Film Festival, to be presented during the Spring 2002 semester by the Institute for Research and Education on Women and Gender at the University at Buffalo.
  • Students Nominate Severin for National Award
    Charles M. Severin, assistant dean for students and associate professor of pathology and anatomical sciences in the School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University at Buffalo, was one of 56 medical school faculty physicians nominated by medical students nationwide for the 2001 Humanism in Medicine Award sponsored by the Association of American Medical Colleges.
  • $700,000 HUD-Funded Initiative Takes Aim at One of Buffalo's Most Distressed Neighborhoods
    One of Buffalo's most distressed and physically degraded inner city neighborhoods is the target of a new "healthy homes" demonstration project to be administered and operated by the University at Buffalo.
  • Book Focuses on Easing the Transition to Day Care
    Robert R. Orrange gives career advice for a living. But the associate director of the Office of Career Planning and Placement at the University at Buffalo received a little career advice of his own when an undergraduate art student who stopped in for a chat about her aspirations got him thinking about one of his own -- writing a children's book. And so the seed was planted more than a year ago for Orrange's first -- and recently published -- book, "The Daisy Bug Daycare."
  • President Clinton to Speak at UB in Spring 2002
    Former President William J. Clinton will speak at the University at Buffalo during the Spring 2002 semester as a "student choice" lecturer.
  • Pataki Announces State, Private Commitments of More than $200 Million for Bioinformatics Center
    With the announcement Thursday by Gov. George E. Pataki of $50 million in state funding and more than $150 million in private-sector funding, the Buffalo Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics -- a collaborative effort involving New York State, industry partners and academic institutions -- has taken a major step toward becoming a reality.
  • Competency-Building Course Based in Spy-Training Programs Focuses on Skills Recruiters Desire in MBA Graduates
    Rooted in a Cold War spy-training program, an innovative course at the University at Buffalo School of Management is helping MBA students develop intangible skills that are the difference between being a good executive or a great executive.
  • UB Sociologist Receives Top Book Award for 2001 in Field of Bigotry and Human Rights
    Sociologist Lois Weis of Buffalo, professor of comparative education in the University at Buffalo Graduate School of Education, has received the 2001 Outstanding Book Award from the Gustavus Myers Center for the Study of Bigotry and Human Rights, one of the top awards in the human-rights field.
  • UB Receives Two State Grants to Train Medical, Dental Students in Clinics for Refugees, Underserved Children
    The University at Buffalo has received two grants totaling nearly $629,000 from New York State to provide culturally appropriate training for its medical and dental students and residents through school- and community-based clinics.
  • UB Study to Examine Buffalo Teens' Attitudes Toward Reproductive Health Care
    Researchers from the School of Social Work at the University at Buffalo are conducting a study to learn what is preventing teen-age girls in Buffalo -- which has the highest rate of teen pregnancy in New York State and one of the highest in the nation -- from taking advantage of area reproductive health services.
  • Study Finds Strong Association Between Problem Drinking and Gambling, with Risk Increasing 23-Fold
    Problem drinkers are 23 times more likely to have a gambling problem than individuals who do not have an alcohol problem, according to a study conducted at the University at Buffalo's Research Institute on Addictions.
  • UB's 400 Dental Students Are Community Ambassadors Promoting Oral Health, Raising Community's 'Dental IQ'
    Students in the University at Buffalo's School of Dental Medicine are educating the community, from special-needs children to underserved urban and rural schoolchildren to senior citizens, about the importance of maintaining good oral health through a slate of year-round, public-service programs, at least one of which is unique in the U.S.
  • Nursing School Addresses "White European" Nursing Culture
    Look around any hospital, clinic or doctor's office and most of the nurses you see will not be people of color. This situation does not bode well for the future of nursing or for health care, as the general population becomes more diverse and the need for multicultural understanding more crucial. Providing that understanding is the goal of a new curriculum in the master's-degree program for family nurse practitioners in the University at Buffalo.
  • UB Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership Introduces New Executive Education Breakfast Sessions
    The Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) in the University at Buffalo School of Management is offering a series of executive-education breakfast sessions to be held monthly beginning in January.
  • UB MBA Graduates Play Important Role in Strategic Growth of Perry's Ice Cream
    Business isn't always smooth in the ice cream industry. Over the past 20 years, nearly 1,200 companies have closed their doors, leaving just over 400 firms to compete for space in America's freezer. To survive and grow in this competitive market, Perry's Ice Cream Co. of Akron, N.Y., boasts an evolving selection of nearly 100 different flavors -- and a management roster of eight MBAs from the University at Buffalo School of Management.
  • UB Dental Researchers Collaborate on $5 Million Study to Redefine Temporomandibular Disorder
    The University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine is collaborating with two other major universities on a joint $5 million project to establish valid and reliable TMD criteria clinicians can use in their practices to diagnose and treat these disorders.
  • UB Business Students to Embark on Study Tour of China
    Seventeen undergraduate honor students from the University at Buffalo School of Management will travel to China Jan. 4-12 for a study tour of the Chinese economy and culture.
  • UB Receives $1 Million from NSF to Fund System to Store Huge Amounts of Computer Data
    A $1 million National Science Foundation infrastructure award to store, manage and analyze complex scientific data is boosting pioneering research at the University at Buffalo in bioinformatics, geographic information science and other important research areas.
  • Offices Closed at UB on Dec. 28
    Offices are closed today (Dec. 28, 2001) at the University at Buffalo due to weather conditions. Only essential employees should report to work.